Individualism, Limited Government, and Liberty

There are those, mostly on the left of the political spectrum, who will take issue with these words spoken by a true patriot. Ronald W. Reagan understood the importance of individualism and the benefits of a limited government.

One can not argue with the statement government grew under Reagan. However, it grew at a much slower rate than we have witnessed in recent years. His understanding of the value of individualism and the benefits of limited government is why the growth was slowed.

It will take a great effort by the people of this country to set it again on a path that is respectful of the values of our founding fathers and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Are we up to the challenge?


    New jobs begin with pebble droppers, people making waves and wakes, the entrepreneurs who start business ventures. The “soil” must nurture them, not discourage them. Pebble droppers must be saved and admired for the service they provide. Instead, they are envied by the few, taxed and punished by government whose only purpose is to protect all people against injustice. SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY defines a pebble dropper and the environment that is best to encourage their success. Today’s politicians are dismantling the American ideal of a prosperous, free nation. The 2008 election did seek “change,” but made community interests superior to individual interests. What has happened to the voices who believe in the importance of the individual? That is why America differs from the rest of the world. If “change” is inevitable, will we lose that which sets us apart from the Old World.

  2. Clay - Change must be change in the direction of individualism and a true uncorrupted system of capitalism.

    Again I ask, is this nation's people up to the challenge?

  3. Hey RN-USA,

    Nice room and commentators you got here. I may just have take my shoes off, plop down on your couch and sit for a long spell.

    Keep up the individual fight, the more us, the bigger the army becomes.


  4. The irony you face with your views is that so many on your side who claim to share them, in reality do not RN.

    Local chambers of commerce will rail against taxes and government. Yet whenever a business wants to open, expand or move to a community, the first thing it does is ask the government for a handout.

    Not one person reading this will make it through the week without at least once demanding "govenrment needs to do something about ..."

    I as well as all liberals, hell everyone of sense, agree that too much government is a bad thing just as you RN. But not enough leads to tragic circumstances as well. We had the savings and loan scandal of the 80's. Two decades later we have the Wall St. meltdown. Both caused by lack of government.

  5. I don't think voting will get it done RN.
    I don't think things would be that much different with McCain, only slower. He was also yakking about global climate thingamabob and health care 'reform'.

    In the end it rests with the military command.

  6. Government did not 'grow as much' under, it didn't grow as much as it did under Bush or Obama but that does not take away from the fact that it did grow because government DID shrink under Clinton.

    Reagan DID teach us that deficits don't matter....

    He also taught us that corporations and investors deserve tax breaks because they create jobs...and thus began the special deals and special interest groups...

    Rational, you talk all the time about 'ethical capitalism' and what is ethical about 'goosing' the supply side of the basic principle of supply and demand?

    You have one party that still believes that tax cuts are the answer to everything....

    You also have great swatches of our economic system that believe they are ENTITLED to special treatment....

    There is nothing ethical about a CEO making a thousand times more than his lowest paid employee...

    Until our values as individuals change we are doomed.

  7. jaded - Thanks for the read, and please do sit as long as you like.

    The fight for the individual shall go on.

  8. TRUTH - My views are my values, and yes many conservatives do not share my views. I can live with that.

    Rand was once again correct. It is not the proper role of government to give handouts to business. Nor is it proper to tax them into having to close their doors. nor is it proper for businesses to expect to be subsidized by government at the taxpayers expense.

    The issues you speak of were not the direct result of the lack of government. It was the result of a lack of ethical behavior. Unfortunately both businesses and government suffer from the malady. And look at the tragic circumstances other countries have experienced do to excessive government. I prefer not to go there.

  9. The Kid - Perhaps, but at least it is worth a try.

    As to McCain, you are right, and this is why he would likely not change much. But would have been preferable to Obama, in my opinion.

    Not sure what you mean with the military command reference.

  10. TAO - Your points on Reagan bear some truth. However, I cannot concede he was not good in a broad sense for this country at the time he was elected.

    I will concede that after inflation was under control, and we weathered the recession of the early eighties a course change should have been made. During times of prosperity is when you balance the books.

    Reagan was not singlehandedly responsible for special interest groups. They had been around when he arrived.

    As to my references to ethical capitalism, I stand by my statements. Both businessmen and government fail to practice capitalism as it should be. We are not a true capitalist economy anyway as you have pointed out. We are a mixed economy which serves to foster the conditions we have today.

    As to the significant imbalance between CEO's salaries and that of their productive employees I agree. Another reason I advocate ethical capitalism. As I have said before, businessmen (corporations) are often their own worst enemies.


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