Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Trump Parady...

Enjoy cause it ain't gonna change until 2021. Only then if Americans who actually LOVE their country and RESPECT our Democratic Republic vote en masse for Vice President Joe Biden, a man and leader with honor and integrity.


  1. Jose, The Salvadoran PreacherFri May 22, 07:50:00 AM EDT

    There’s a new IDIOT commenting on this Shit-Rag , it’s name is BB-Idaho .

    I guess that he’s a Potato Grower. Wow that site is really filled with Brain Surgeons

    1. You posted this pure garbage on your favorite right wing trumper s*ut site. Aside from being BS it shows the normal intelligent people of the blogishere that you have the intellectual fire power of a bag of rocks.

      I am leaving your comment up only to knce again put the ignorance and idiocy of a trumper on display. Having said that be advised your next comment post WILL be deleted on sight.

    2. RN... let's leave him up for awhile. He comes here and announces the obvious for us... like Hey RN, the sun rose today. Or Hey RN, you've got a blog. Or Hey RN, my name is Jose The Salvadoran Preacher and I struggle with English, intelligence, cogent thought and reading comprehension...

      All of which is 100% obvious to the trained eye, but apparently oblivious to the typical Trump fan boys.

    3. It is obvious I didn't excel in typing as well as being a lazy proof reader.

      Yes Dave I am leaving Jose the Salvadoran Preacher up forever. Unless BB Idaho asks me to pull it down. I must admit his comment was a little comical because it exposes him (or it) for the shallow trumper he obviously is.

  2. RN... I remember when Rush Limbaugh was newly on the scene. He had some very funny parodies done to old songs, usually slamming the Clintons. It was good stuff, not the off the rails hate he traffics in these days.

    These Trump parodies are essentially the video expression of the same genre.

    I do find it interesting that ppl who loved this style of mockery when it was pointed at the Dems, hate it now that the bright lights are turned on Trump and the GOP.

    1. Yes Dave, it is interesting. I actua─║ly enjoyed Rush Limbaugh back in his early EIB programming. It was comical and, at times El Rusbo actually made some valid points. But that was long ago and now he is but another, as you point out, off the rails trafficing in hate, division, and bigotry. Just like his cult leader Donald J. (Dotard) Trump.

  3. Golly - fan mail for El Salvador.

  4. Please excuse my ignoring PC and unprofessional use of expletives. But the simple truth, all else aside is that Rational Nation USA IS ONE STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. PERIOD!

    1. It has been said that stealing someone elses copy (with little or no changes) and representing it as their own is the hightest form of flattery. I don't know about that but the legal term for it is plagiarism and that IS unethical. As well as making the copy theif a POS.

      So leave it to a POS trumpian cultist to take MY copy, change the post subject to Rational Nation USA and then post under the gutless anonymous tag as his own verbiage.

      So Anonymous, it is obvious that I've gotten under your unusually very thin skin. As always the TRUTH does get the blood of the dishonest lying trump cultists boiling. Whicb of course means I am right. Donald J. (Dotard) Trump IS ONE STUPID MOTHERFU**ER. PERIOD.

      We do hope you are proud of your gutless POS self. Now, should you surface again you WILL be deleted on sight.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry dimwitted trumper. Off topic, irrelavent, and absurd. Buh Bye.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Obviously YOU do you dimwitted ignorant trumper cultist. Buh Bye

  7. Trump, his base and his media are a closed circuit. He relies solely on his instinct (which is feral at best)
    and rejects any other information or idea. It is a political closed circuit which compares to maggots feeding
    in a manure pile. In tenuous control, but whining, complaining, threatening, we are again reminded of the
    prescient Shakespeare..."a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage.
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    signifying nothing.
    MAGA = Maggots All Gagging Appropriately

    1. Such an excellent analysis humorously stated. The MAGA = Maggots All Gagging Appropriately is hillarious. And the Shakespeare, spot on. Thanks for posting BB!

  8. Rational Nation USA Number ONE ASSHOLE of the Blogging Community.

    1. Every a**hole has his or her opinion. You are certainly entltled to yours trumptard.

  9. It came to pass in those days that a son was born to the Slumlord Chieftain.
    And his name was called Donald. Three stupid men came from the East
    and offered gifts of greed, lust and rancor verily unto him. He proceedeth
    forth as a Great Warrier, but forsooth, the Lord madeth him to stumble upon
    his false bonespur ankles. And his father paid the physician forthwith.

    Grasping his money bags he did proceed, yea unto real estate. And he did
    sue. And he sueth much, and did thus prosper much. But greatness did
    elude him. Therefore didst he began to frolic with wenches, Yea verily,
    did he wench. And payeth some whilst marrying others. And as was his
    wont, he sued some wenches. As he aged, his flame of fame flickered and
    he sayeth 'A Man of my Stature deserveth more Adoration.' And thus didst
    he enter politics. And he did dye the hairs of his head the color of the sun.

    As it came to pass, he gathered great adoring crowds, who shouted not
    Hosanna, but Lock Her Up- and it was good. Yea verily he didst bask in
    the worship of his followers. And he said, Behold, I have not enough of
    the grovelers and he didst enlist the Philistines of Eurasia for help and
    increasethed the lies and bluster of his mouth. And he was blessed by the
    Tribe of Putin. Yea, it was good and the color of his sun hair didst turn
    to that of the field pumpkin.

    As the dawn of the Great Election arose, he lost by 3 million of his
    detractors, as was the wont of those times. And his rancor was great.
    Then behold, from hensceforth came a Demon:. Lord of the Underground
    and Gerrymander. And he did obliterate the 3 million, yea verily did he.
    And the Don was thankful. Nor did he gloat. Rather he belittled and
    spat upon those who would not grovel. And he spatteth much, for most of
    his staff were found truthful and were banished. Even the wife of Abraham,
    Sarah of Huckabee, didst depart in peace.

    Whilst he wrappeth the flag of the Nation about his girth, he villified those
    who were valiant warriers, those who putteth country before self, and those
    of his paricular venom were loath to grovel. Therefore, his loyal followers
    did rejoice, yea even did they shout and frolic. And the wise were put aside.
    And the kind were villified. And the poor made poorer. And thus the nation
    did decline and suffer. He was joyful and took all the credit, as was his due.

    -Gospel according to St. Shackleford of Mara Laga

    1. Were you a stand up comedian in a prior life BB Idaho? Cause you do some funny stuff!


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