Sunday, March 29, 2020

10 Reasons Why Trump is Arguably the Worst President in Our History and More...

10. Donald Trump Is Not Used to Listening to Anybody Else
9. He Has No Substantive Policies
8. Donald Trump Has No Interest in the Broader World
7. He Has No Political Experience
6. Donald Trump Is a Terrible Financial Manager
5. He’s Morally Questionable
4. Donald Trump’s Business Dealings Are Also Questionable
3. Donald Trump Sues Everyone
2. He’s Been Here Before
1. He’s Intolerant and Insulting

A list that is completely accurate. And, it is also incomplete. So, to add some of our own.

A) He is a narcissst
B) He is a misongynist
C) He is lacking in empathy 
D) He is a liar and a con man
E) Trump is divisive as well as a racist
F) His attention span is shorter than a 3 year old

For more in depth analysis click HERE and HERE and HERE.

After 3 plus years in office Trump has shown repeatedly that he is compleely unfit for the office he holds. It is time for ALL REAL PATRIOTIC Americans to come to the aid of their country and vote the bast*rd out of office come November 2020. In fact it is time for Americas to reevaluate the GOP, a party that has become nothing but a bunch of syncophants who have been licking Trump's jackboots since the day he was inaugurated. 

Stand up and be counted. Register AND vote DEMOCRATIC this coming November. Your country and future generations are counting on us to do the right thing and vote an orange monster out of the office he did not win (by the popular vote) and NEVER should have held for even 1 day.


  1. RN... nice response, and nice of you to help out the Lincoln Project. You know I'm a lib, but no party should have a monopoly on power within our federal government. We need balance and pushback from both sides. Not obstruction, but reasoned and thoughtful engagement.

    Let's hope we get that in November...

    1. Thanks Dave. You really summarized my thoughts. Reasoned, balanced, and nuanced push back is exactly what is needed from all sides. I learned managing manufacturing operations that reasoned, thoughtful, and intelligent engagement with all members of the organization resulted in the most effective solutions.

      Unfortunately the above is something trump has obviously never been comfortable with. Which could explain his 5 bankruptcies, his 25 million dollar lawsuit against trump U, his failed trump steals, as well as his many other failures. He has always been a con man and a moral and ethical failure.

  2. I'm a progressive. I's what scientists do.
    There are 4% of scientists that are GOP...
    and the question is, why so many! :)

    1. With that BB Idaho I have to speculate. That percentage may just be in a slow descent. By 2030 it may be 2%. As Pence and the GOP pray scientists actually find solutions.

  3. Note to Libtard Smasher... Off topic drivel and bullshit gets summarily deleted on sight. So conservators, don't waste your time with attempting to get your caca posted here.

  4. RE: 'Donald Trump Sues Everyone'
    "USA TODAY NETWORK journalists identified about 3,500 state and federal court cases involving Donald Trump"
    ..that is about 3300 more than Probably why the degenerate is worshipped by the

    1. That is certainly one possible explanation BB Idaho.

      Today's extreme Conservatives and Evangelicals would probably be okay with burning non believers at the stake like happened in Salem before we exited the Dark Ages. While I am far from saying anyone will regress to that level of barbarism given what we've witnessed since 2009 I actually wouldn't be all that suprized if some extreme rightwing wacko evangelical cult suggested it. That is the level of pure disgust I hold for evangelical trumpers and their abject hypocrisy.


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