Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black...

Extreme rightwing tRumpers supporting the most vile example of  a human being really and seiously ought to take the logs out of their own eyes.

Hypocrisy runs rampant in the GOP,  present day conservatism,  and the American Christian Evangelicalism.

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There are two basic types of DIRTocRATS.

The SVENGALIS –– a relatively few, very powerful, odly charismatic, very wicked schemers who sre experts in hypnotizingthe masses to do their bidding..

The TRILBYS –– those weak-minded, miseducated, sheep-like types who are too easily mesmerized to participate in deadly forms of GroupThink.

Need i say more?

Need I say more?


  1. Franco describes the far right very well. Thank you, Franco. One result of
    unbridled power in all three branches is that mediocre TRUMPS quality:
    Apparently new Judge Kavenaugh has problems with fellow jurists. They think he is unfit and the GOP ramrod department doesn't. Full article at Forbes

    While the Republican leadership celebrates the seating of Brett Kavanaugh as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts yesterday requested the Tenth Circuit to review more than twelve ethics complaints that have been made against Kavanaugh. The complaints concern Kavanaugh’s behavior at the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27.
    These complaints were initially received by the U.S. Court of Appeals prior to Kavanaugh’s seating on the Supreme Court. Chief Judge Merrick Garland — whose nomination to the Supreme Court was blocked by Senate Republicans—recused himself from the matter. The complaints were then passed to Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, whom President George H.W. Bush nominated to the bench.
    Judge Henderson dismissed some of the complaints made against Judge Kavanaugh as frivolous. But she concluded that more than a dozen complaints were substantive enough to warrant investigation by an impartial panel and that they should not be handled by Judge Kavanaugh’s fellow judges in the D.C. Circuit. She referred them to Chief Justice Roberts, who has now referred them to the 10th Circuit.
    The complaints were not made without legal basis. More than 2,400 law professors have determined that Kavanaugh has “displayed a lack of judicial temperament that would be disqualifying for any court.”
    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens also stated that Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated bias and is “not fit for the Supreme Court.” Former Justice Stevens, in remarks to retirees in Boca Raton, Fla, declared that Kavanaugh’s statements on September 27 revealed prejudices that would make it impossible for him to do the court’s work. “They suggest that he has demonstrated a potential bias involving enough potential litigants before the court that he would not be able to perform his full responsibilities.”
    The situation is unique in that never before has a Supreme Court appointee joined the court at a time when a fellow judge has concluded that misconduct claims against that appointee warrant review and when a former Supreme Court Justice has concluded that the appointee’s behavior was disqualifying.
    Technically, Supreme Court justices are not subject to the misconduct rules governing these claims. But if complaints against a sitting Justice are not dealt with in an impartial apolitical manner, then there will be an asterisk against Judge Tymkovich and Justice Kavanaugh for the remainder of their terms, and indeed the U.S. Supreme Court itself.

    1. BB... I'm sure you know that is probably all "fake news" and a work of the "Deep State" to derail the Trump and GOP agenda.

    2. Thank you BB Idaho for your link. Your own dispassionate comment is spot on.

  2. Following a belief that all's fair in love and war, I get where a lot of these folks are at. They honestly believe that progressives want to destroy America and hate our country.

    If that is your view, of course you would view, as many do, the struggle today as war for the very heart and soul of the America they want.

    As such, I understand the desire to take no prisoners and obliterate the opposition.

    Progressives are also locked in much the same battle, albeit from the other direction.

    My struggle, as I've said over and over, is the damage this has done to Christianity. The attitudes, language, hatred and open warfare seen from many claiming to love Jesus, love God and be Christian people, is nowhere to be seen in the New Testament, the church of Acts, the Letters of Paul or even early church history.

    If what we are seeing today had been widespread in the first century after Jesus' death, I doubt we'd even have a church today.

    1. I understand, Dave. As far as damage to Christianity, it has survived quite a bit through the years.

      Nascent Christianity, 0-200 AD had its own internal arguments over developing theology, but they
      themselves were hunted and persecuted with typical Roman Empire violence. IMO, as Christianity
      grew, it was prone to the vicissitudes that challenge any group. With access to Constantine, they gained much power, trading their internal arguments for becoming the official religion (1st Council of Nicea).
      Through much of the dark ages and the medieval era, as the sole religion, they became very powerful:
      reaching parity or more among the nations of the time. Shortly after the Reformation, Christian power
      was projected along with colonization (Cortez and Pizzaro had their Padres). They had come a long way from a tiny persecuted minority. Hisorically this edifice had its pros and cons: ideas were cut short, yet monkish works maintained most of what early civilization had created; the Church was greedy for wealth, yet it fed the poor; Rome glittered with gold, but it gave purpose and comfort to
      the peasant. Christians from both Catholic and Protestant ideologies destroyed much of central Europe in the 30 Year War and the Enlightenment brought confusion, criticism and a rising secularism.

      Fast forward: Today the Church is not persecuted. As inherited from Constantine, they pay no taxes.
      It is understandable that they influence government for their own good and success. Nor do many
      of the Christian religions align with far right ideology. Bu, IMO, RW evangelicals trash the beatitudes
      and join with white militias, neo-nazis, anti-envronmentalists and unsavory qualified leaders for one
      reason. Selfishness- like the slaveowners of the day, their freedom prevails over that of their slaves.
      They seek the freedom to outlaw abortion, control public schools and suppress voting rights among other goals; all of which hurt others, putting their 'theology' above the greater good. I concluded some time back, digesting blogs and speaking with these people that the far right are lacking in any empathy.
      A type of 'me generation', uninterested other's ideas and open to fake Russian facebook pages as long as those reinforce their entrenched beliefs.

      It is understandable that this phenomenon is enigmatic. Good Christian friends are big Trump supporters. They believe Hillary is the Great Satan. Yet several nights a week they work among the homeless (along with atheists and hindus, yet!) and help at several churches. These are not bad people.
      Confused? Probably: A few years ago in our small town two high school girls became pregnant.
      One had scholarships to eastern colleges, the other was a cheerleader. Their parents would not permit an abortion on Christian grounds. Each girl shot herself in the head. Which seems like a question in morality. In controlling someone else's decisions to prevent a 'murder', the death toll was doubled.
      That has always troubled me, and got me removed from three blogs and closed down another. Why is
      it so critical to ban birth control pills? The travelled assertion that pro-life people 'love babies-until they get born' has much merit, considering they also believe in cutting help to young mothers. It is hard to wrap the mind around the whole phenomenon.

      But, Dave, the 'damage to Christianity' in current state of affairs is only partial, only for a small
      misled part of it....but IMO deserved.

  3. "The TRILBYS –– those weak-minded, miseducated, sheep-like types who are too easily mesmerized to participate in deadly forms of GroupThink."

    Frank the Lobster claims that it is mostly Democrats who form this group, but he fails to acknowledge that it was Trump who has said on several occasions that he "loves the poorly educated." Also Frank the Lobster ignores the fact that Trump's largest demographic group of supporters are Americans with only a high school (or less) education.

    Like his hero, Trump, Frank the Lobster ignores the truth and spreads lies and disinformation.

    This is what average Trump supporters do. The tragedy is that they do not and cannot see themselves as other Americans and the rest of the civilized world see them.

  4. tRump is inept in many ways. His strong suit is in identifying and manipulating the non curious and easily led sheeple of the rightwing. Franco is one of tRump's educated useful tools. He's educated and long in the tooth but he is severely lacking in wisdom.


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