Saturday, July 14, 2018

Trump's New World Order...

Trump is effectively changing the way America does business.  He is changing how our allies and the rest of the world perceives us. Very litle is positive.

The New York Times - Some near-forgotten anniversaries are worth commemorating. One hundred years ago — Bastille Day, 1918 — Theodore Roosevelt’s youngest son, Quentin, was killed in aerial combat at the Second Battle of the Marne. Twenty-six years later, Quentin’s oldest brother, Ted, also died in France, after landing at Utah Beach on D-Day.

Quentin and Ted are buried side-by-side at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer. It’s a moving sight for everyone who still believes in the cause for which they and their brothers in arms fought and died — above all, the idea, possibility and preservation of a free world, anchored and inspired by America but not subservient to it.

In other words, the things that Donald Trump has spent his presidency trashing under the historically sordid banner of “America First.”

That trashing reached some sort of climax this week with the president’s excruciating tantrum against Germany at the NATO summit in Brussels, followed by his gratuitous humiliation of British Prime Minister Theresa May via an interview in a Murdoch tabloid. Maybe next he’ll propose that Vladimir Putin rejoin the Group of 7 — except he already did that in Canada more than a month ago, right around the time he launched a trade war with Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

What does all this achieve?

No doubt just what Trump intends: the collapse of the liberal international order, both in its animating commitment to open societies as well as its defining international institutions — the G-7, NATO, the European Union, the World Trade Organization. Seen in this light, the president’s wretched behavior isn’t — or isn’t merely — the product of a defective personality. It’s the result of a willful ideology.

So much should be clear by the president’s negotiating style, guaranteed as it is to elicit “no” for an answer.


For Trump, the upside is the substitution of a liberal order with an illiberal one, based on conceits about sovereignty, nationality, religion and ethnicity. These are the same conceits that Vladimir Putin has long made his own, which helps explain Trump’s affinity for his Russian counterpart and his distress that Robert Mueller’s investigation “really hurts our relationship with Russia,” as he remarked Friday.

It also explains his undisguised contempt for contemporary European democracy and his efforts to replace it with something more Trumpian: xenophobic, protectionist and truculent. This is the Europe of Germany’s Alexander Gauland, France’s Marine Le Pen, Britain’s Nigel Farage, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and Italy’s Matteo Salvini. Note that the last three are already in power.

All this must be gratifying to Trump’s sense of his historical importance. For America, it’s a historical disaster. The United States can only lead a world that’s prepared to follow.

But follow what? Not the rules of trade that America once set but now claims are rigged against it. Not the democratic ideals that America once embodied but now treats with disdain. Not the example of fighting bullies, after it has now become one.

This will suit Americans for whom the idea of a free world always seemed like a distant abstraction. It will suit Europeans whose anti-Americanism predates Trump’s arrival by decades. And it will especially suit Putin, who knows that an America that stands for its own interests first also stands, and falls, alone. Surely the dead at Colleville-sur-Mer fought for something greater than that.

America was indeed a unique and special nation. It was truly different than any other before it. Trump is changing all that. It won't be good.


  1. "America" is best when it is an idea... and ideal... represented by the best of the founding documents, and the Bill of Rights... without ANY regard to race, ethnicity, creed, religion, who your parents were, or where your parents came from.

  2. Indeed. About 48% of Americans elected a man who hasn't clue about any of all that. His 30% cultists will support him no matter what the idiot says or does. Then there Helsinki today. Damn close to treason. And we wait.

  3. This 30% number you seem to have pulled out of thin air is nonsensical.
    90% of Republicans support Trump and Trumps approval with Americans is on the same as Obamas was at the same time in his first term

    1. Note, I said 30% cultist that will support him no matter what. Obviously you're reading comprehension challenged Klansman Shakelford. You are one of the trumpista cultists.

    2. We also note that Trumponius Baloneyius is taking heat from dems and rethugs alike. All the credible news sources, including Drudge is giving the Orange Turd negatives.

      If the Orange Turd had any self respect at all he would do what Nixon did and resign in SHAME.

  4. The continued bitterness by the left over losing an election is really childish. It was you folks who were stupid enough to choose one of the most disliked,disrespected women as your candidate and then watch her blow over a billion dollars run one of the worst campaigns in history and get betten by a NYC real estate developer/TV reality star. Don't be bitter at us, it was your own fault.

    1. According to the bloated tan one "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters." Loyal?
      Incredibly. Ignorant? Undoubtedly. Clinton was beaten by the Russians and their US sycophants.

    2. As you always do Klansman Shakelford you deflect, bullshit, and refuse to address the specific issue. You're an empty shirt, a shallow "man", and you have no honorable principles. GTFO and stay out.

  5. Yes BB Idaho, at this point I'm now certain HRC was beaten by Putin and trumpian idiots.

  6. How ridiculous. If you are a democrat you were voting for no stamina Hillary. If you are a republican ,you were voting for Trump. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

    1. What exactly are the "excuses" Lisa?

      Trump does NOT represent the character, the values, or the principles of the America I grew up in. Honesty, decency, doing the right thing, even when it's hard or not popular are not important to Trump.

      The America (and world) Trump wants is not the America (or world) that REAL Americans want.

      But it still, for the time being anyway, America. So, you, just like me, are entitled to our opinions. And, we can state them freely and openly. Something Trump approves of only when it suits him. IE, he's the classic authoritarian whose desire is to control others and the constitution and our founding values be damned.

    2. oh so you must have wanted the America Obama was "fundamentally" trying to change is the America you were hoping for or the get richers from government like the Clintons. Yeah there are some real decent and honest folk.


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