Wednesday, July 18, 2018

America's Ultimate Question...

Trump has again managed to make it all about Trump. We can only watch in hopeful anticipation that Helsinki will be the explosive seed that results in his demise.

Why the American Ambassador to Russia and cabinet members have not resigned is a source of puzzlement. Perhaps the only explanation is that any sense of integrity is dead in Republican politics.

Why the party he represents continues to stand behind his sorry ass is the billion dollar question.

Why the legitimate American media couches their criticisms in polite language escapes logic.

Trump is a cancerous abscess growing on America's heart and soul. The question we must answer for ourselves is do we have the WILL to excise this cancer.

Future generations will live with the answer to this question.


  1. As per reporting I heard on MSNBC last night, Trump was briefed as a candidate (in january of 2017) about what Russia was up to. Including being show evidence that Putin himself ordered the election meddling. Yet he STILL continues to deny it. His latest walkback of his latest total denial (while in the presence of Putin) being the not believable "I meant would despite saying wouldn't". Now he says he believes our intelligence agencies... although "other people" could have been involved. Because there are other people.

    I really hope that when Mueller presents his findings that the Republicans have no choice but to impeach. How more obvious could it be that Trump is lying? Despite trumpers like Willis Hart continuing to believe that Seth Rich downloaded the DNC server data and passed it off to WikiLeaks (and that Russia wasn't involved). Right.

  2. It is beginning to look like more and more Republican lawmakers are starting to recognize the increased dangers Trump represents. There is little doubt at this point but what Trump is incompetent and is unable to control his behavior for any length of time let alone change it.

    With the possible exception of the trumpers, who will support anything Trump says or does, the rest of the republicans and America are not stupid. I think the swell will turn into a tidal wave that will wash Trump out to sea so to speak. It will take more time is all.

  3. I wish, RN, but it seems the GOP is pretty much in lockstep behind the goose-step.

  4. You may be right dmarks. But remember, political survival is top of republican lawmakers self interest checklist. Hopefully it is just a mater of time (the shorter the better) before they bale.

    If you're ultimately right, sadly, future generations of Americans are screwed.


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