Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Need We Say Anything Else?...

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  1. I remember when the GOP used to be concerned with our image abroad. All during the Obama Admin, they decried what they saw as a worrisome trend... that of our allies feeling like they could no longer trust, or rely on the US as a global partner.

    Every perceived slight, remember the IPod gift fiasco, was seen as evidence of some incompetent inhabiting the White House.

    Now for some reason, those things don't matter.

    Maybe your conservative posters who stop by would like to address this? Because our allies across the pond are indeed worried that the US is no longer interested in the global alliances that have largely kept the peace since WWII.

    1. Maybe your conservative posters who stop by would like to address this?

      Likely not Dave. They know there is no rational argument they can submit that explains away their hypocrisy and obvious dearth of core values and consistency.

  2. Dave and RN, the Trumpistas cared about that only when a Democrat was in the White House. Now that a pseudo-Republican is there, they ignore the degradation of America's prestige and honor at home and abroad. His followers don't care because they have no honor or sense of decency. They've made a Faustian bargain and sold their souls for power. No one of honor that I know respects whats left of the Republican Party. The real conservative Republicans left a long time ago and preserved their honor and love of America.

  3. RN, Shaw... here's what we used to hear from the GOP... “Civilized society must give public affirmation to principles and standards, categorical norms, notions of right and wrong. Even though public figures often fall short of these standards — and we know and expect some will — it is nevertheless crucial that we pay tribute to them.”

    Now folks with those quaint ideas, ppl like Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Michael Gerson, David Frum, John McCain, Mitt Romney and now even Trey Gowdy, are decried as turncoats, RINOs and sellouts. Seriously, Gowdy??? A Sellout because he wouldn't parrot the Trump line?

    Is it any wonder other countries are laughing at us and cannot figure out what America stands for?

  4. My grandparents and parents, as well as almost everyone they associated with, held those quaint ideas as right and proper. Most folks I associated with in my adult life did as well. Both liberal and conseervative.

    Why the republican party and many conservatives have strayed so far afield from their former core principles is puzzling to me. However, tRump is the natural outcome of this unfortunate betrayal.

    Republicans and tRump are sheparding Anerica towards its twilight years.


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