Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Local Matter... ?

The shooting deaths of African-Americans by police officers that have prompted nationwide racial tensions are local matters to be dealt with by local authorities, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at her Wednesday press briefing.

”Certainly a terrible incident. This is something that is a local matter and that’s something that we feel should be left up to the local authorities at this point in time,” Sanders said in response to a question about the acquittal of two Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers involved in the 2016 death of Alton Sterling. Sanders was also asked about the recent fatal shooting of Stephon Clark in California, and the 2014 death of Eric Garner.

The death of Sterling and similar shooting deaths of other African-Americans became a key issue in the summer of 2016 amid the presidential race between Donald Trump, who voiced strong support for police, and Democrat Hillary Clinton, who expressed support for police while also calling for reforms that she said would improve relations between law enforcement and the black community.

Sanders said Wednesday that the president remains committed to supporting police and did not see a role for himself in the multiple high-profile incidents of African-Americans being killed during interactions with police. {emphasis mine}

“Certainly we want to make sure that all law enforcement is carrying out the letter of the law. The president’s very supportive of law enforcement,” she said “But at the same time, in these specific cases and these specific instances, those would be left up to local authorities to make that determination and not something for the federal government to weigh in to". {emphasis mine}

White conservative code for, we really just don't care.?

In fairness it is best to wait until all the facts are known before the president makes a statement. We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. Given Trump's track record we already have an indication.



  1. Uh huh - a local matter that happens nationwide. It's just another case of the States Rights argument being used to wash political hands of responsibility. Pontious Pilate, Lady Macbeth, Donny Dowrong and Ms. Huckleberry-Sandbag.

  2. It's also s just another case of the States Rights argument being used to wash political hands of responsibility. Madam HerHainis, Ms. Mooshelle and Ms Pocahontas

    1. You, Capt (centipede brain) Caterpillar are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, the facts and stats do not support your opinion. Of course feel free to produce a link supporting your opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Les... of course it's a local issue, at least at some level. But that does not mean people of other areas of the US can't expect our President to have an informed opinion, or view on such an issue. The problem for Trump is this...

    If he speaks out either way, he's in trouble, cause he either has to anger the 55 - 65% of the people who already can't stand him, or anger his base of 35 - 45%.

    But... leadership leads and shows the way. Just because something happens out of the control of the Feds, does not mean our Pres cannot, or should not comment on it.

  4. But... leadership leads and shows the way. Just because something happens out of the control of the Feds, does not mean our Pres cannot, or should not comment on it.


  5. White conservative code for, we really just don't care.?

    Conservative code for "we don't want to talk about this because the knuckle-dragging Deliverance mutants who make up the core of our base are cool with black people getting shot".

  6. Enough is enough already. As an Independent Christian voter, I think the presidential election of 2016 was a choice between the 2 worst major party candidates in history. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, manipulative, power hungry lady who couldn't tell the truth if she had to. Donald Trump is a arrogant, lying, womanizing blowhard with an ego the size of Jupiter. Trump won, Clinton lost, election over.

    Christian Evangelical folks seem like nice people, but I think it's time you stopped lying to yourselves about your President. Donald J Trump is no more a follower of Jesus Christ than your average maggot. He makes no attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus whatsoever, and the fact that he pays lip service to the (so called) pro life folks, it's just that....lip service. The truth is Trump cares no more about this issue than he does the poor, and has flip -flopped on it several times. But the election id over, and Trump won, Hillary lost, so lets stop all this nonseance, and stop the name-calling and fighting.

    Jesus reserved his most encouraging and understanding words for those who those who acknowledge their own imperfections, and were struggling to make themselves better people in accordance with GOD's law. Jesus also reserved his most bitter attacks for those arrogant, remorseless, power hungry, religious and political hypocrites who used GOD's word as a tool to further their own greedy play for power and money. Christian Evangelicals, be honest with yourselves

    1. So Bill718, are you a Catholic or a Protestant?

      As I understand it the Catholic Popes were as guilty of power lust and greed as anyone.

  7. Hillary Clinton told a receptive audience over the weekend in India that while she thought President Donald Trump played to some of Americans' worst fears, he does not reflect the country as a whole. "No, we did not deserve that," Clinton said when asked if the US "deserves" Trump as its leader.

    I'm not a Donald Trump supporter by a longshot, but I sincerely wish Hillary Clinton would shut her mouth. Her opinions are valueless, and her political future is non existent. Go away Hillary, no one cares about you anymore!

  8. "Go away Hillary, no one cares about you anymore!"

    No one ever said that to John McCain or Mitt Romney. Women politicians do not deserve those sorts of harsh pronouncements. There's a lot of sexism involved in how many on the right and left treat Hillary Clinton. She was, after all a former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State. And a majority of Americans voted for HER, not Trump.

    I didn't agree with Secretary Clinton on a lot of issues, but she is no better or worse than any politician, and she is certainly a far more knowledgeable person on foreign and domestic issues than Trump.

    1. Bill718 is indulging in classic both-siderism and cynicism, the twin enemies of political sanity.

      It is absurd to compare a highly educated and knowledgeable candidate with years of experience in the Senate and as Secretary of State, who has repeatedly demonstrated calm and mental stability under extreme pressure, who Obama himself said was the best-qualified candidate ever for the Presidency, who was "investigated" by malignant and biased Republicans for decades without anything illegal ever being found -- with the utterly stupid, ignorant, narcissistic, morally blind, and probably senile political neophyte who is now throwing almost daily tantrums in the White House and being unmasked as up to his eyeballs in grossly unethical and probably illegal activities of all kinds.

      Hillary would have carried on Obama's work and built on his accomplishments; Trump is the most grotesquely-unsuited leader of a superpower since Caligula.

      The will of the voters was thwarted by the Electoral College, Russian meddling, and Jim-Crow-style vote-suppression laws. Those forces have a lot to answer for.

    2. Infidel, now tell us how you really feel about the current occupant of, the White House. ☺

      All kidding aside, I had many reservations about HRC, but, she was clearly the only qualified and competent major party candidate on the ballot in 2016. Hands down.

      We can only hope 2020 is not a repeat of 2016.

  9. "No one ever said that to John McCain or Mitt Romney. Women politicians do not deserve those sorts of harsh pronouncements. There's a lot of sexism involved in how many on the right and left treat Hillary Clinton. She was, after all a former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State. And a majority of Americans voted for HER, not Trump."

    Oh Please Shaw, do you actually believe what you are saying?
    Yes, Hillary was MY parties choice, but LORD, she wasn't anything like what you are giving her credit for.
    She was lousy as a former First Lady, and even worse at being a U.S. Senator, and awful as the Secretary of State! And yes a majority of Americans voted for her, ONLY because she carried California, a highly populated democratic state. Bur she didn't win the Electoral Collage and YOU know as well as I do that's the way our system works, so for heavens sake STOP the excuses, you sound as silly as she does.
    The bottom line is that she was awful, and she still is. If not she she even worse now! So yes, she should shut the hell up and go away.

  10. And as for John McCain, yes you are right, no one ever said that to John McCain then! But the Repubs are surely saying it now.
    I've seen and heard some very nasty things the last 18 months from Donald Trump and his supporters here about Senator John McCain. Please allow me to enlighten you spineless cowards:

    John McCain came from a wealthy family, he could have gotten a deferment and chased around after models like Donald Trump, but unlike college boy Donald Trump, John McCain chose to serve his country in active duty military. He flew many bombing raids into North Vietnam, when his plane was shot down he became a POW and was subject to torture that few of you could imagine. When McCain's family's connections secured his release, he refused, saying "I'm not going home until the last of my men do also" He was sent back to a V.C. prison for more beatings and torture. boy Donald Trump (and many of his fellow spineless cowards here) have the gall to call Senator McCain a "loser" and attack him personally, just because he was a POW, and because he won't vote your way of a piece of legislation. What the hell kind of people are you anyway?! I don't always agree with Senator McCain's views myself, but I would never stoop to the kind of low class, shitty comments and disrespectful behavior I've seen and heard from college boy Donald Trump, and his little band of lemmings on this site. Senator McCain has served his country more than any 50 of you armchair generals (and your golden boy in the White House!!) This is not the Jerry Springer show people. So please be you on the right-side of the aisle, or the left, don't bad mouth
    John McCain. He doesn't deserve it.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Bill718, who hides his profile, attacks my comment, but said nothing about Infidel753, who agrees with what I wrote. Bill718 is entitled to his opinions but he's not entitled to his own facts.

    (BTW, Bill718, you're on the Message Boards, and you, or someone impersonating Bill718, are copying and pasting comments here, at my blog, and at WYD.)

    Daniel Drezner is a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and had this evaluation of Hillary's time as SoS:

    "The Obama White House centralized foreign policy control almost as much as Richard Nixon. Which means that it’s tough to credit or blame Clinton for what happened during her four years in office. Nonetheless, she played a significant role in restoring America’s standing abroad. She was nimble in handling some thorny diplomatic kerfuffles with China (Google “Wang Lijun” or “Chen Guangcheng” to see what I mean). She helped put together formidable economic sanctions against Iran. Even on Libya, Clinton deserves credit for her ability to get NATO, the Arab League and the U.N. Security Council to endorse action; the post-Libya fiasco has less to do with Clinton and more to do with her boss. And one can argue that the Paris climate change accord only happened because of Clinton and Obama’s actions in Copenhagen."

    Also, Hillary Clinton was re-elected to her Senate seat by the people of New York, so she obviously did a good job for her constituencies, which is what a good US Senator is supposed to do. And it is their opinion of her job that counts, not a random person on the blogs who hides his identity.

    Also, the far right's excuse that Hillary won the election only because of California is vacuous. In America, we believe in one-man/woman, one vote, so those votes are AMERICAN votes, not just California votes. More Americans voted for Hillary than voted for Trump. And that's a fact.

    1. WE BELIEVE? Who the Hell is We?

    2. Shee, there is NO doubt in my mind that you have a very SERIOUS PROBLEM!

  13. “31, 09:26:00 AM EDT
    Bill718, who hides his profile, attacks my comment, but said nothing about Infidel753, who agrees with what I wrote. Bill718 is entitled to his opinions but”

    Shaw you seem to have some sort of a complex.
    I wasn’t at all “attacking” you.
    I was simply disagreeing with you.
    Why did you get so excited .
    Also If you think that I am someone other than myself only because I prefer not to advertise my personal information. Then that’s your problem , and not mine.
    So you can go about your blog, without me. I really don’t neen to deal with your temper or your nastiness, or your rants. That’s your problem and not mine

  14. And as for your heroine Hillary. I think that perhaps you are as much as a sicko as she is.
    So lots of luck with that!

  15. And Yes "Go away Hillary, no one cares about you anymore!"
    That loud mouthed idiot is a detriment to my party!
    I personally don’t care if Shaw agrees or not

  16. Well Bill718, when it comes to a complex and being a sicko it seems you might be starring into a mirror.

  17. It is very easy to steal someone's avatar and use it in one's blog profile. That proves nothing. Plenty of people use a profile that shows nothing but their blog name and how long they've been on blogger. That's not giving away any information.

    When "Bill718" says he wasn't attacking me (or anyone) in his comment, he forgot that he copied and pasted this in his above comment here:

    "Please allow me to enlighten you spineless cowards" and this:

    " boy Donald Trump (and many of his fellow spineless cowards here)"

    If your comment defending McCain was truly yours, "Bill718," you would have left out those attacks calling people here "spineless cowards."

    Your eager attacks on me and not on other commenters here is also a give-away as to who you are and what your M.O. is.

    Therefore, with this albeit circumstantial evidence and his tone and attacks that sound exactly like a WYD troll, I call B.S. on "Bill718."

  18. Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, why doo you always think that the person that believes differently then you do, and may I add that half of the United States feels that way. Why are they all a troll, or an phony, or attacking you.
    Could it possibly be that you are sometimes wrong???

  19. Oh crikey, another troll. First of all, I don't know you, second, you hide your I.D. like "Bill718," third, half the US does NOT disagree. Trump has only a 40% approval rating. Fourth, go chew a bunny tail.

  20. That troll "Bill718" Shaw posted this over at Free Stinke's blog. A liberal Democrat he ain't. No Dem would post what "Bill718" posted. Yeah, a WYD troll.

    Bill718March 31, 2018 at 8:21 AM
    The Democratic party now has a 17 year old as its party leader who also to grab your guns .

  21. Also, "Bill718" check out my profile that doesn't give away any personal info.

  22. The stench from FreeStinke has been present every since Bill718 brought the odor with him.

  23. Happy Easter to all of Good Heart as we contemplate the reason for, and the purpose of, our existence.

  24. Thanks for your good wishes, RN. Amazing, isn't it, that Bill718 was so chatty here and at my blog and after I called B.S. on him he disappeared. LOL!


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