Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When Lunatics Bluster...

There are sounds, for those who can hear them, of the preliminary and muffled drumbeats of war. The Chinese are reported to be preparing refugee camps along North Korean border. Resources are being shifted to observe and analyze the North Korean military. Mundane logistical processes of moving, stockpiling and updating critical items and preparing military personnel are under way. Only the biggest indicator—the evacuation of American dependents from South Korea—has yet to flash red, but, in the interest of surprise, that may not happen. America’s circumspect and statesmanlike Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, talks ominously of storm clouds gathering over Korea, while the commandant of the Marine Corps simply says “I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming.”

Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe Donald Trump, he of the five draft deferments during the Vietnam war, will flinch from launching a war as commander in chief, in which case the United States will merely suffer an epic humiliation as it retreats from as big a red line as a president has ever drawn. Still, lots of people have an interest in war. For Russia, the opportunity to set the United States and China against each other over Korea is a dream come true. For narrow-minded American strategists, it is the only way of cutting the North Korean nuclear Gordian knot. For Kim Jong Un peeking over the edge of the precipice may cause South Korea to break with the Americans, or the Chinese to fight them. For Donald Trump it may be a moment of glory, a dramatic vindication of campaign promises, and an opportunity to distract American minds from Robert Mueller’s investigation of his campaign’s ties to the Russians. And so threats and bluster may turn into violent realities. And if they do, not tomorrow or the next day, but some time in 2018, a Second Korean War could very well make it one of those years in which history swings on its hinge.

Be concerned, be VERY concerned.

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  1. For a damaged and wounded ego like his, glory must be a very tempting thing. So tempting, he seems to find it everywhere it isn't, like in the empty streets of Washington during the inauguration to the gold plated toilet he fills with glory every morning. Perhaps it's to the point where the only way to save the reputation he thinks he has is to start some little war - it it's possible to keep it little when nukes are available.

  2. Trump is simply who he is. Highly concerned with what people think, yet acts as though he doesn't care. Constant approval and accolades is what he craves, but acts and performs in ways that deliver him just the opposite. With the exception of his 35% base, that adore him.

    Having obtained what, 5 deferments to avoid serving, he likely would have little problem placing millions of others at risk. He probably fancies himself as a great military mind and is certain he would win any war.

    Frankly Captain I think Trump really believes people see him as he sees himself, which, unless I'm greatly mistaken, is one with a superior everything. His egocentric narcissism is of epic proportions and for this reason alone he is a very dangerous person in the position he was elected to.

    Let's hope that Trump isn't around much longer, or, if he is that cooler and leveler heads can persuade the man who fancies himself King to act responsibly.


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