Friday, January 12, 2018

President Trump is a Racist...,

Following Trump's characterization of nations in Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa as shitholes there is no longer any doubt but what Trump is a racist, unfit to occupy the office to which he was elected. It is understandable why many folks chose to vote for Trump in November 2017, however, anyone who continues to support him following his remarks on Thursday may very well be racist themselves.

Economics, security, policy, regulations, etcetera certainly are important, and, debate over how best to strengthen America in these areas is necessary. Heated disagreement over these important issues, as well as others, is needed. Through such debate is how decisions affecting all Americans are made. But, when the President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, uses language again and again that exposes him as a racist all the other stuff seems less pressing.

Donald J. Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a sexual predator, a xenophobe, and a narcissist, the evidence for all these allegations is overwhelming, and, it has been there all the while. One only need be awake and inquisitive enough to find it. Actually, most of it has stared America in the face at some point over the last 2 plus years. Many Americas have simply refused to accept the truth. We wonder why that might be.

Some articles worth the time spent reading them:

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It is time for America to decide who and what she really is today. Trump has directed the glaring spotlight to the racism that has always been present to one degree or another in America. With the president openly demonstrating overt racism, and, indirectly giving his stamp of approval to it, the nation now has the opportunity to confront in a way it hasn't had for over a 150 years.

Lets Do the Right Thing America


  1. My my my, sure hope we didn't offend the tender sensibilities of too many conservatives by telling the naked truth.

  2. They do lack sense when it comes to this reality.

  3. Interesting that Homeland Security Secretary "doesn't recall hearing" Trump's vulgar comment which many view as racist given the context in which he alledgedly said it.

    Listening to the spin the Trump administration and his supporters are putting on this is almost amusing. What isn't amusing is that millions will once again turn a blind eye and enable Trump to continue on.



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