Monday, January 1, 2018

As Trump Gallups Into 2018...

As the new year gets off to its running start some things to consider.

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In response to protests in Iran, President Trump is calling for regime change:

Yup, we know from experience how well that one worked out.

Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Nuclear war with North Korea closer than ever

Probably what tRump's regime change will require.

Trump says U.S. has gotten 'nothing' from Pakistan aid

Anyone else see a trend developing here?

This new year, tell Trump: Enough

We should certainly give it our best shot. But, won't it kind of be like talking to a wall and expecting it to answer you?


  1. Regarding "regime change" and Iran? We, along with Britain, already did that. Remember how that turned out? Trump is a history ignoramus, so he probably has no knowledge of how America with Britain got rid of Iran's democratically elected leader (who had intended to nationalize Iran's oil), and how that led to the installation of the Shah and subsequently the Islamic readicalization of Iran. If Trump had any historical sense, he wouldn't use the term "regime change" because Britain and the U.S. already disrupted Iran when the CIA orchestrated one in 1953.

    I have a relative (an Army officer) who was just deployed for the second time to Afghanistan and another relative who's in the U.S. Navy. I watch the nincompoop who is laughingling called the CiC and think about them and how that nincompoop holds their lives, and the lives of millions of people around the glove in his incompetent, tiny hands.

    1. Shaw... I can think of one regime I'd certainly risk changing...

  2. Obviously I menat to type GLOBE, not glove.

  3. I have a relative (an Army officer) who was just deployed for the second time to Afghanistan and another relative who's in the U.S. Navy. I really can’t understand how or why they would stay in the Military with a nincompoop like Obama as their Comander in Chief. Obama’s the nincompoop holds their lives, and the lives of millions of people around the glove in his incompetent hands.
    I thank God every day that we now have a REAL man in charge of the Military so that we can once again be proud of this Nation.

    1. It is clear you fail to recognize the fact President Obama was infinitely more intelligent and qualified than the current occupant of the big chair in the White House.

      Let me make it simple for ya. Offer some positive data on Trump, backed up by credible sources and we'll discuss.

      As for REAL men, I'll simply say that is a subjective observation based on whatever bias one holds. As you seem to admire the Trumpmainian Devil and hate former President Obama we understand where your bias is..

    2. Says the Moron who writes this Shitty blog

    3. RN: is this a new sump-guppy, or just one of the usual suspects?

      He sounds a tad jealous of your blog.

    4. Who knows? Who cares? But if I were to make a guess he, she, or it is one of the regulars.

      They are actually amusing in a way. I can only imagine how much their heads must feel like vacuums. The future of the nation's health now hangs in the balance. And I'm not betting on it ending well.

    5. I think the real “moran” is the one who takes the time to read and comment on something he thinks is shitty. And then, doesn’t even say what he disagrees with, tries to refute what is written, or present data or evidence to the contrary.

    6. Moran eh? Kinda like regulars methinks :)

      If only we would proof read our writing!

    7. Or as my 5th grade English teacher drilled into our heads, Haste makes waste. And indeed it do! Oops, does ;)

    8. I was poking fun at myself Jerry! :)


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