Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Vote Is In, the Outcome Righrt...

At the end of the day Alabama did the right thing. They elected Doug Jones to the United States Senate.

It is true Jones won by a slim 1.5% margin of victory, and, some will say he won because of media bias, irregularities in the voting process, that Moore ran a poor campaign, that the GOP was late in supporting his campaign etc. There may be a very small amout of truth to some of that. Nevertheless Jones won and his winning could very well be a harbinger of the 2018 congressional elections to come.

Even with Trump and Bannon stumping on behalf of Roy Moore Alabama voted blue, a most stunning development in one of the south's deepest red states. Many folks, myself included, consider this a landmark election, an election that is as much a rebuke of the Trump and Bannon agenda as it is support for the democratic agenda. Time will tell. For now there is much work to be done.

Remenber, gloating and over confidence loses elections. It's time to prepare for the next election with laser sharp focus and a right agenda for America because the next one ain't gonna be easy. The movement conservative forces that are aligning to reshape America into an oligarchy or plutocracy and will continue to work overtime.

(CNN)Secretary of State of Alabama John Merrill said it was "highly unlikely" that Democrat Doug Jones would not be certified as the winner of Tuesday's special election for the US Senate.

"I would find that highly unlikely to occur, Jake," Merrill said, when asked by CNN's Jake Tapper if he expected anything other than Jones being the next senator from Alabama.
Merrill's remarks came after Republican candidate Roy Moore's campaign chairman directed the media to Merrill to understand final result procedures and after Moore himself, who was not conceding, suggested he wanted a recount.

"When the vote is this close ... it's not over," Moore told supporters after Jones declared victory.
But Merrill, who is charged with certifying the results, suggested he did not at this time see grounds to contest the results.

Article continues HERE.

From The Washington Post:


  1. Pretty stunning election. Now lets wait for the partisans to blame this on the media and their unrelenting campaign to tell the truth about people like Moore, Bannon and Trump.

    The people of Alabama have spoken. Do you think the GOP will wait until the elected Senator of that state takes his seat before submitting their tax bill?

    Nah, me neither.

  2. Jones won, but still over 48% of the voters voted for the child molester over the prosecutor of child murderers. Alabama is a sick state.

  3. Alabama is the deep South Jerry, cultural values are definitely different there than in the northest, the west coast, as well as other areas of the country.

    My father, after my mother passed, became involved with a women who lived in Alabama when he stated going south in the winter. Their relationship lasted for a few years as they split their time between MA and Al.

    My father, born in Minnesota, lived in Washington state from age 12 to 37, moved to Illinois for 18 months before taking the family to MA at 39, and traveled 49 of the 50 states commented often on the cultural differences of the deep South, especially Alabama.

    While he found some of their ways quaint, even endearing, he was never fully comfortable with the politics of the South. As he said, the South is a different world, some good stuff and some not so good. But he never classified the state as sick.

    1. “But he never classified the state as sick.”

      Your father sounds like a fine man. Perhaps he would classify Alabama as a sick state now.

    2. Oh Alabama
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      Don't it take you down home?

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      Make friends down in Alabama.
      I'm from a new land
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      What are you doing Alabama?
      You got the rest of the union
      to help you along
      What's going wrong?

      - Neil Young

    3. Don’t quit your day job

    4. We highly recommend you find something of value to engage in Jose. You obviously have nothing of value to offer the blogging world.

    5. Jose said: "Don’t quit your day job"

      Hmmm. do you have any idea what Neil Young's "day job" is?

  4. From George Will: "Elation is in order because a gross national embarrassment has been narrowly avoided."

    He concluded: "By joining Steve Bannon's buffoonery on Moore's behalf, the 45th president planted an exclamation point punctuating a year of hitherto unplumbed presidential depths. He completed his remarkably swift -- it has taken less than 11 months -- rescue of the 17th, Andrew Johnson, from the ignominy of ranking as the nation's worst president."

    In reading it too fast, I thought he had typed Andrew Jackson instead. As perhaps the most monstrous, despicable human being to occupy the office, Jackson actually ranks lower than Johnson or anyone else for me.

    .... and Trump is a huge Jackson fan:

    (And, sorry, Will Hart, no I don't agree with you that Abe Lincoln is the worst President ever)

    1. I doubt very highly Will Hart visits this weblog much, if ever, anymore dmarks. Will seems to have fallen entirely under the spell of the dark side.

    2. I've not looked in many months: got tired if all the Lincoln loathe and Putin praise.

    3. I check his members only weblog maybe once every month or two, just to see if he has started to come to his senses. So far there is no sign that he has.

    4. Checking it once a month? I'm not even putin that much attention into it...

    5. That's why you don't know that Lincoln wasn't just the worst president ever, but evil incarnate. btw, Willis still writes an average of 3 posts a day, but reading his blog and you might wonder if Willis is aware who is president. He hardly ever mentions him, except to criticize the Left for attacking Trump. BTW, dmarks, did you know that Willis is now a 9/11 Truther? Twin Towers brought down by controlled demolition, Pentagon damaged by a missile, the whole 9 yards. Willis might start criticizing Trump after the NEXT president leaves office.

    6. " BTW, dmarks, did you know that Willis is now a 9/11 Truther?"

      I'm not surprised. Are you actually keeping up with his blog? D?

      I was also recalling today that he thought that in WW2, Churchill was worse than Hitler.

      (I did agree with him that trade policies contributed some to the Civil War, but I hope I never wavered from the fact that it all came down to slavery!)

      Sometimes I get Willis mixed up with Pat Buchanan columns. however.

    7. Re Pat Buchanan, Willis does a lot of posts along the lines of "thanks for the free boat ride". Apparently if a Black person wasn't enslaved by a neighboring tribe, they'd be enslaved by the Moors. Therefore enslavement by Americans was preferable. Awhile back he posted something from Sputnik News, which is a Russian propaganda outlet.

    8. Not sure how Will fits into this post content guys. Other than maybe he's as far right and IMO off the wall with some of his posted material (haven't checked as of late however) as Roy Moore is.

      So, I guess I'll allow the comments.

    9. Sorry, Les. This little conversation with our friend Dervish Sanders on the subject of that guy is probably done and over. It was brief and civil and non-disruptive, and I am sure that all of the comments together were better than just a single one of the urps that I see being uttered by FreeThinke/etc minions and clones on this blog.

      It was just that I had gone away for a while (having mistakenly assumed that "Rational Nation" was defunct) and am back now, and just wondered how stuff had been going on. And Willis was at one time part of this community, such as it was.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anonymous, are you really so dense you have no reading comprehension? Or do you just enjoy being childish and immature? Our educated guess is that it is the later.

      So, once again, buh bye.


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