Monday, December 4, 2017

What Are the Most Important Characteristics of a Good Leader... In Your Opinion?

Here you have it folks, a POTUS in name only. One who is perceived as competitive, intense, emphasizes success, and enthusiastic. As to characteristics that predict a good, or great, leader how does he fair?

Trump  rightly so scores low on the vision thing, has little if any courage, really doesn't give a hoot about people, isn't very focused, is uninspiring, lacks analytical skills, is horribly inconsistent, and is most often unprepared.

Yet America put the "man" in the most powerful position on the planet. Even though all the indicators of this were there shortly following his announcement that he was going to run.

Many want to blame Russia, and certainly they were a minor influence given the country's interference. But, the real blame for the man siting in the Oval Office rest squarely on the ill informed or willfully ignorant voters of America.

We have ourselves to thank for The Master of Disaster now occupying the White House.

Complete poll write up HERE.


  1. So it seems that our EX-President Obama has a unique take on the meaning of the word ”leadership.” To him, leadership means paying more than your share to engage in a farce while others pay nothing and are massive law breakers. He was never qualified to be president. He was a teleprompter reader and community activist or should I say “agitator” to begin with and still is. .Even while he is in France over the weekend, former President Obama just couldn’t help but take a verbal shot at President Trump
    Barry, I think you are a bit confused. You were the one with ”absence of leadership” for 8 years. When are you and Hillary going to go away, go write your books and open you library, and collect your pension. And STOP blaming everyone but your selves?
    Both you and Hillary ought to tittle your book “101 Ways to Blame Your Successor”

    Does anyone really think that Obama lead this country? Obama’s leadership in the past 8 years led us to be divisive pitting one American against another, Black against White! Leadership into a Racial situation as we have not seen since the Civil War, which lead American against American. The Leftist’s tried their best to create an American Revolution and failed miserably. They gave us the New Black Panther thugs, Black Lives Matter, LaRaza, and the Militant group aka AntiFa, a communist terrorist violent group of thugs. And a bunch of feminist Pussy Hat wearing filthy mouthed bunch of has-been actress, and singers who have completely lost touch.

    No, I wouldn’t call that Leadership by Barrack Hussien Obama, who has formed his onw bunch of idiotic militants calling themselves the “Resistant”.
    I would call it the most ridiculous, display of an inept Presidency bar none. He is still running around the world, slandering America and the her people. Still going alover the world apologizing for us. And still telling lies and committing, treason.

    Barrack Obama, would have to live several life times to be able to walk in President Donald’s Trumps shoes. President Trump got more accomplished in the first month for the betterment of America than Barrack Obama got done in 8 years. Including a failed economy and a stagnant Stock Market.

    It's not enough that Obama is still trying his best to still be president. He is going all around the world slamming President Trump, and to make it even worse, he has to do it overseas. One could almost see this as a treasonous act.
    The Trump haters are so busy attacking Mr. Trump and every member of his team, it is a wonder the President can do anything at all, or get anything passed at all.. . But, I suppose this is the Democrats’ goal, just to hurt him and hurt the Country at the same time.. Anything to re-gain power. .
    If Obama were as smart as all the liberals make him out to be, then he would realize that Trump’s election was a rebuke to his own Presidency. Better for him to stick his head in the sand and pretend that he’s French, than facing the stark reality he was one of America’s worst Presidents

  2. Tom, given the stock market increased over 200% under Obama, how can you call that stagnant?

    1. Laughing my ass Off is all that I can say any an imbecilic comment like yours Dave!

    2. Also ask yourself this Davy.. If Hillary had won, would the stock market have hit record high levels, would the unemployment numbers have gone down to the lowest level in 20 years, would illegal border crossings be down by 90%, and would the economic growth number risen to a steady 3.3 percent, would consumer spending have risen by 2.4 percent, would spending on durable goods have increased a whopping 8.3 percent, and would food stamp participation have dropped to its lowest level in 7 years?

      Would ISIS have been defeated in the Middle East, would America's military have been receiving the support they needed, would manufacturing jobs have increased from 16,000 in 2016 to 150,000 in 2017, would there have been a steady rise in home values, and would there have been an increase of 1.5 million jobs?

      Had she done all those things, do you think Congress would be willing to overlook the long list of felonies she committed from Benghazi, the email scandal, selling uranium to the Russians, and tampering with the election?

  3. Tom what the stock market has done since Trump took office is not the issue. Nor is what kind of admin Hilary might have had. I am focusing on something you wrote.

    You stated, and I quote... Obama presided over "a failed economy and a stagnant Stock Market."

    When Obama took office, the DJA was at 7,949.09. When Trump was elected, it was 18332.74... an increase of over 230%. This is widely available factual information.

    How can an increase of over 230%, be called stagnant?

    You see Tom, I can't understand how you can call verifiable facts, as opposed to opinion, imbecilic? Are the numbers wrong? Did the stock market, as measured by the Dow Jones Average not increase during the Obama Admin?

    Or are you arguing, that when Trump took office, it was still at the less than 8000 number it was at when Obama took office?

    Because that is the only way it could be called stagnant.

  4. I let the imbecilic comment(s) by super troll TOM stand because Dave, answering in a professional and accurate manner shut TOM The Duncedown.

    Thanks Dave.

    BTW Tom The Dunce, all future comments by you WILL be deleted immediately upon detection. So, consider this Buh Bye.

  5. TOM is a good example of Trumpian Troll agitation. They post an antagonistic comment. Then, when someone replies, they post a completely unrelated reply full of additional unrelated and often untrue statements. But then, like Dave did, when you don’t play their game, but return to your original question, they run like the little chicken shits they are.

    It is the same misdirection and diversion that Trump uses very successfully on Twitter.

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  7. Give it up Anonymous and Just Sayin as your pointless empty headed comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the post will always be deleted.

  8. RN... sometimes fact based discussions can be so difficult to people who only want to stay in the grade school sand box and call people names. Thanks for the clean up work you do.

  9. LOL screw you and the Donkey Named Dave Miller that you rode in on!


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