Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pelosi Hits Bannon Hard and trump By Extension... Trump File Day #9...

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It's time rational republicans and conservatives grow a set of palle and start standing up to the insanity trump has ushered into our government.

Never a Pelosi fan really, but on this one she is SPOT ON.

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  1. I don't think the Democrats have found their balls yet. We are in big trouble.

    1. Democrats are the minority party, right? Unless some republicans and conservatives grow a set dems in congress can grow boulders and they're still the minority, right?

      At this stage I hold conservatives and republicans responsible for the puss filled abscess on our government and country.

  2. "At this stage I hold conservatives and republicans responsible for the puss filled abscess on our government and country."

    Absolutely, RN, but if we want to change it, Dems have to fight hard and fight loud. They have to convince the people that republicans are responsible. That takes continual fighting even when they know they will lose the fight. They've got to get control of the news cycle. All of this takes balls. The first real target is the 2018 midterms. The Dems either turn out the vote or go home.

  3. Come on, this is the best you have? In the past eight years you've lost the house, the senate, the white house, over 1,000 state wide offices and the right now has 31 state houses. RN holds the republicans responsible......not the dems, or their candidates or their policies?
    Keep up that thought, in 2018 at least four more senate seats will flip to the right and then church will really be out.

    1. Rusty,

      Don't you see Trump's presidency at the very least as a danger to completely bankrupting the U.S. or in simpler terms, exponentially doubling the national debt? How does 32 trillion sound? Can we just force the rich people to pay it off, or should we just continue to bleed the poor?

  4. I fell in love with Nancy the day she accepted the speakership these ten years ago. A beautiful, California woman surrounded by her grand-daughters. What a golden milestone! I remember shortly after Obama's inauguration two years later, my beloved Uncle Jim, my mother's brother, sent her an early classic right-wing e-mail meme. How innocent it seems today with the Breitbart fact-haters in charge of dismantling the federal government.

    It was just a simple photo of Obama with Pelosi, but it had the cutest caption, "Oops! There goes a tax dollar that we didn't steal yet!"

    A testament to the stupidity of the right-wing opposition.

    RN, ten years ago, you were on the other side. What the hell difference does it make now? We are in an epic battle for the soul of our very nation. I'm glad you are with us.

    1. Flying Junior, I am with you not because I've shredded my belief in the principals that guided my entire life, hard work, fiscal conservatism, a belief that ALL deserve equal opportunity, that reward should be commensurate with contribution, that the application of justice MUST be just and to achieve this it MUST be color blind, that liberty is the birthright of everyone and with this liberty comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY... not the least of which is to respect the rights others to enjoy the same, and more.

      I have tired of the hypocrisy of the Republican/conservative agenda. I despise the dishonesty that has gripped the republican party and conservatism for at least the last 15 year's (I once believed it could be changed from within, no more). I despise the the party that has become the party of increasing nationalism and in the process more fascist. The party of Lincoln is becoming more like the party of Putin now that trump is its head,

      Republicans and conservatives in the party left me no choice but to abandon their ethically and morally corrupt ship that has accepted and encouraged intellectual dishonesty completely with the election of trump.

      Short analysis, the pendulum has swung to far to the right and is now in extremist territory. Resistance, and I mean strong vocal and action oriented resistance is the only thing that will stop pendulum and force it back towards the center.

      Hopefully the American people will let it hang out awhile when it returns to center.

  5. This is interesting. From Robert Reich:

    Many people ask me if Trump can just "order" a rollback of regulations or "order" that sanctuary cities stop receiving federal funds, or "order" that Muslims can't get into the United States. They ask: Whatever happened to our democracy?

    The fact is, when he "orders" a regulatory rollback, he can't make it happen without Congress. He assumes Republicans, who control both Houses of Congress, will accept his "order." But that's not how a democracy works. And Senate Democrats will still be able to filibuster, forcing Senate Republicans to find 8 willing Democrats to join them.

    "Executive orders" are different. They do have the force of law. But they're supposed to be directed at the executive branch, not at Congress. And courts don't allow a president to issue executive orders that are too much like legislation. Recall that a court stopped Obama's executive order allowing many categories of undocumented immigrants to remain. I expect many of Trump's executive orders (he's issued 19 so far) will be contested in court.

  6. BTW, Remember when the far righties lost their $H*T over the executive orders President Obama signed? Lord Dampnut has signed 19 in 14 days! Mr. Obama signed 277 in 8 years.

    Have you been listening to the outrage the far righties have been engaging in since Lord Dampnut began his orgy of executive orders? Yeah. I know. It's dictatorial only when Democrats do it.

    1. So far - 1.36/day ave.
      Assume 260 day working year - 380.8 potential
      Assume 4 year term - 1,523.2 potential

      Whoopee! Government by force of executive order. trump's dream!!!

  7. From the article Jerry linked to:

    Although Trump has signed fewer executive actions than Obama did in his first 12 days, Trump's have been more varied and impactful. He's signed an order to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, put in place a temporary ban on all refugees and restrictions on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, inked an order that paves the way for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, green-lit two controversial oil pipelines, and signed an order that dramatically restructures the National Security Council.

    By contrast, Obama's most scrutinized early orders sought to ban the use of torture in enemy interrogations, shut down the Central Intelligence Agency's overseas prisons, and close Guantanamo Bay within a year.

    Obama's executive orders were good. Trump's executive orders are bad. I've always been a fan of Nancy Pelosi, btw. She should currently be the Speaker (under president HRC). If the election had not been rigged by Kris Kobach. BTW, another blogger (someone who used to comment here) continues to defend Bannon.

  8. I've always been a fan of Nancy Pelosi, btw. She should currently be the Speaker (under president HRC)

    Opinion. One I do not necessarily share with respect to Pelosi.

    BTW, another blogger (someone who used to comment here) continues to defend Bannon.

    Yes, Mr. Hartbart has been a disappointment to e as well.

  9. If not Ryan the Speaker would be Pelosi. You prefer Ryan?


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