Thursday, November 17, 2016

Con Man Extraordinaire...

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President elect Donald J. tRump, prhaps America's biggest con man, is surrounding himself with the very folks he railed against during his populist campaign for the presidency. So much for truth, integrity, and the "American Way".

As many often warned, and many folks ignored, caveat emptor. Now it's too late. Enjoy the ride.

NEW YORK — Christmas has arrived early for Wall Street in the early days of the Donald Trump era.

A populist candidate who railed against shady financial interests on the campaign trail is now putting together an administration that looks like an investment banker's dream.

Former Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin has been seen at Trump Tower amid rumors that he’s the leading candidate for Treasury secretary. Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross appears headed to the Commerce Department. Steve Bannon, another Goldman alum, will work steps from the Oval Office. If Mnuchin drops out, as some rumors suggest he may, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon remains a possibility as Treasury secretary, and will serve as an outside adviser if he doesn't get the job.

It’s a restoration of Wall Street power — and a potential flip in the way the industry is regulated — perhaps unparalleled in American history.

“You would have to go back to the 1920s to see so much Wall Street influence coming to Washington,” said Charles Geisst, a Wall Street historian at Manhattan College. “It’s the most dramatic turn-around one could imagine. That’s the truly astonishing part.”

Evidence of Wall Street’s improved prospects is everywhere.

The Dodd-Frank financial reform law that bedeviled the industry for years and cost banks untold billions could soon get burned to the ground. Bank stocks are soaring. Trump is going around Manhattan promising to lower rich people’s taxes.

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  1. Like Brexit, the rest is still to come. No one knows how Brexit will turn out and no one knows how DJT will do. He is still two months away from going to work and you are sure and hope he will be terrible.

    I am going to give him a chance. Hopefully he will not take aim at the successful and middle class. No matter what BHO said, I did build my business and am proud to have it successful.

    BHO has been very good for investors in the stock market. His legacy should be that he oversaw the downfall of the middle class but was good for the poor and great for the rich.

    1. You are certainly persistent skud ole buddy. Tiring as well. Enjoy your ride.

    2. Just out of curiosity, what would you call taking aim at the middle class, and how would that affect your business? And when you say you built your business, do you not credit at all the civilization around you for the opportunity to do that?


  2. Trickle Down sure has staying power considering. What do politics and urology have in common?
    ...trickle down and wiki leaks.

    1. I was thinking Trump may very well be referred to as The Proctology President by future generations. You know, since Americans are most likely to get it shoved up their a*ses.

  3. 1776-2016. These dates sum up my feelings about this election: Any optimism I may have held about the future of this country died last week. The fact that a serial sex predator, bigot, charlatan, scoundrel, kleptomaniac, and tax cheat has now become president (and the "I've got mine, screw you" crowd voted for this menace) tells me that this country has lost all moral bearings.

    1. Fear, and or ignorance, delivered the beacon of freedom into the hands of an unqualified, narcissistic, lying megalomaniac.

      The morally bankrupt republican party no longer deserves any respect and the tea party is to be despised. IMO anyway.

      I'm sure Coolidge and Reagan, two of their favorites, would be spinning in their graves were that possible.

      The dark and destructive cloud of Trumpism is descending and is soon to envelope and suffocate our nation and our civil liberties.

    2. Octo: The fact that a serial sex predator, bigot, charlatan, scoundrel, kleptomaniac, and tax cheat has now become president.

      I know RN isn't religious, but I'm thinking that Trump might be the AntiChrist. Trump got 81% of the evangelical vote, trumping gwb's 78%... and gwb was loyal (as far as I know) to his wife and did not brag about sexually assaulting women. If the AntiChrist is to appear in my lifetime, I think he has got to be Trump. That so many so-called "evangelicals" would vote Trump is surely something that would delight Satan. #trumpantichrist.

    3. Anti Christ discussion is best left for the religious chat rooms or the "think tanks" of Christianity.

  4. Since most Trump voters rely on the recently investigated "Fake News" phenomenon, demographers and sociologists are considering changing the designation 'Millenial' and 'Boomer' to the 'Credulous I' and 'Credulous II' generations. ('s easy to create fake news) :)

    1. Probably campaign PTSD, but I'm starting to think Bernie Sanders is the only sane kid on the block.

    2. I'm starting to think sanity is acually a net negative in the era of Trump.

      We're in for a long difficult ride methinks.

    3. Not hard to imagine Russian divisions overunning the rest of Ukraine while Trump tweets
      about how bad Alex Baldwin's Trump imitation is...

  5. methinks, that I don't give a shit what you thinks.


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