Monday, September 19, 2016

The RNC and Trump Campaign Defining Republican Dishonesty as They Push America Left...

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HRC, Michelle Obama, and Kaine have it exactly right. Pence, Conway, Priebus, and Christie as usual have it  exactly wrong. With the RNC and the Trump campaign institutionalizing racism there really is no where to go but left.

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  1. The current republicans have drifted so far right, that present day mainstream democrats are the republicans of 20 or 30 years ago.

  2. The spiral into ideological insanity really caught hold with the t-Party. Rational conservatism gave way to irrational reactionary absurdity.

  3. It wouldn't surprise me to see the present day Republican Party die, today's conservatives take over the Democratic Party, and a new progressive second party emerge.

  4. So Jerry, if what you're saying is so the nation is destined to experience a slow steady trend toward the left. The result of perpetual death and rebirth if you will.


  5. It seems to me that has been the historic trend

  6. There is a point of excess in all things that once reached results in restructuring or destruction. The right in America has reached this point IMNHO. Thet American left will eventually reach the same point.

    I doubt I'll be here to witness it however. You?

  7. What is the point of excess? It's an interesting question. Time and rate of change are important elements. Progressives try to move things forward. Conservatives try to move things back. I realize this is a gross simplification, but too great of a movement in either direction can be devestating.

  8. Yes it is a gross simplification Jerry.

    Progressives try to move things forward rapidly.

    Conservatives work to move things forward (progress) at a slower less helter skelter measured pace of change.

    Reactionaries resist any change, like the status quo, and do attempt to move things toward a rearward direction. They are highly nostalgic.

    Still a simplification but a bit more accurate methinks.

  9. The "historic trend" is indeed that progressivism and conservatism will experience a "perpetual death and rebirth". It's called the Generational Cycle Theory.


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