Friday, September 2, 2016

Making America Great Again... On Hypocrisy, 1/2 Truths, and Lies

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Found on one of your typical fringe rightwing weblogs. For the conservative/tea party sheeple.

Not bad, if you accept 1/2 out of 5 as being good.  Apparently the Trumpians do..


  1. Pity the poor dupes who take that cartoon seriously. Trump sweeping away "pandering?" Everyone who has a functioning brain know that Trump's wall will NEVER be built and NEVER be paid for by Mexico. Those who believe this are the saddest group of intellectually challenged suckers this country has ever produced. Deporting 11 million people -- and Pandering Donnie says he's going to do that on DAY ONE! Also, unicorns will poop rainbow colored ice cream. Trump's supporters believe that too.

  2. Pictures like that make me think too much of North Korea/ Soviets/ Nazis.

  3. And check this:

    Trump Eagle Panting

    If this makes your heart swell with American pride, I've got a bit of a problem with that.

  4. At first glance, I took the 'clean sweep' broom to be der Donald's hairpiece. Upon further reflection, though, it is a broom he borrowed from his assistant witch .

  5. I doubt Trump has ever laid hands on a broom in his life. As for the image: Trump appears to be sweeping away Soviet-style socialism, which doesn't exist in the US. Or does should we just be noting he sweeping away "socialism" and ignore the hammer and sickle? If so, does that mean he's going to expel Bernie Sanders from the Senate? Is he going to abolish Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and similar programs? I doubt a lot of Trump voters wouldn't be onboard for that. At least when they realized it would affect them.

    As for sweeping away trade deals, I think he could pull us out of NAFTA. But (from what I've heard), there is no provision within the TPP for exiting once it's signed. Which has me worried that Congress will sign it in the lame duck session. And when HRC comes into office she'll say... "I opposed it, but we're stuck with it".

    BTW, as Shaw noted, pandering is at the foundation of the Trump campaign. It's built entirely on promises that can't be kept. Promises he has no intention of keeping. He only tells his supporters what they want to hear. Not that all politicians don't do this to some extent, but with Trump it's all there is.

    I'd kind of like to see Trump become president only to see the reaction from his supporters when he does nothing that he's promising. Instead (when HRC is elected) we'll get allegations of the election being stolen and no realization from the dupes that they were lied to and played for suckers. If a Trump presidency only hurt Trump supporters (instead of everyone) that would be schadenfreude heaven.

    1. Perhaps it was during his years at Hogwarts. Playing Quidditch for Slytherin, of course.

  6. Trump is really more concerned about the future Trump Network than the presidency.

    Yes when Trump loses, and he will, as much as a house and senate in dems control gives me pause it will be the only outcome that might result in getting something done.

  7. Trump is a winnah first and foremost. So of course when he losses it can only be because the election was stolen (rigged).

  8. Trump is a winnah first and foremost. So of course when he losses it can only be because the election was stolen (rigged).

  9. Regarding the courts throwing out laws designed to disenfranchise Black voters, Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz remarked "they basically say that any method or procedure that the Democrats concoct that will indicate there'll be more black turnout, you have to adopt it, and if you don't they'll force it".

    This is the "rigging" Trump is referring to. Not singular people voting multiple times (which is extremely rare) but singular Black people voting one time each. This is one of the primary methods by which the election will be "stolen". That, plus US citizens and legal voters of Hispanic heritage casting ballots. That would be more "rigging".


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