Thursday, September 29, 2016

Locomotive Breath, OR, an Ode To Donald Trump... (The All Time Loser)

And, The All Time Winner Has Got Him By The Balls!

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UPDATE - 10/2/16

As a growing majority of Americans see Trump as the lying, ill informed, manipulative old man that he really is.

Americans see Hillary Clinton as the winner of the first presidential debate by a near-record margin in ABC News/Washington Post post-debate polls, with nearly half saying Donald Trump got his facts wrong and one in three saying he outright lied. His unpopularity grew slightly.

While views of both candidates remain broadly negative, 64 percent of Americans now express an unfavorable opinion of Trump overall, up 5 points from its pre-debate level. Fifty-three percent see Clinton unfavorably, not a significant change.

Trump's pre-debate unpopularity had matched its low for the campaign, suggesting the debate may have slowed momentum in his favor. Clinton, for her part, saw a +4 gain in favorability to 45 percent, not large enough to be statistically significant but her best since early August, just after the conventions.

Their weak favorability ratings aside, 53 percent of adults say Clinton won the debate, while just 18 percent say Trump won, with the rest either calling it a draw or expressing no opinion. The wide gap in views of who won, compared with the slight movement in favorability ratings, reinforces findings in past years that debates tend to have relatively little direct impact on views of the candidates, although they can exert more subtle influence on the race.

But Trump also is on the short side of other results in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. Fifty-four percent say Clinton mainly got her facts right in Monday’s debate; just 29 percent think Trump mainly stuck to the facts. And while 21 percent think Clinton intentionally lied, 32 percent say that about Trump.

The view that Clinton won extends across demographic groups other than Republicans; the only difference is the degree. Even among Republicans, fewer than half, 45 percent, say Trump won, while 83 percent of Democrats pick Clinton. Independents go 50-14 percent in Clinton's favor. And even conservatives see Clinton as the winner, if by a comparatively narrow 40-27 percent.

There are other divisions. Men say Clinton won by 48-19 percent; among women it's 58-18 percent. Whites divide by 44-26 percent in Clinton's favor; nonwhites pick Clinton by 72-5 percent. And while whites who lack a college degree divide 35-29 percent between Clinton and Trump, that expands to 58-21 percent among whites with a four-year degree.

Results are similar among registered voters; they pick Clinton as the debate winner by 51-21 percent over Trump. And Clinton's favorable-unfavorable rating among registered voters is 43-55 percent; Trump's, 37-61 percent.

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  1. Watching The All Time Loser in clips on his #1 surrogate low life Hannity tonight.

    It amazes just how damn gullible The All Time Loser supporters really are.

  2. The Faux News Leprechaun is really Trumping things up tonight as he revels in criticizing the President. Of course it is over Obama's rational and therfore correct stance relative to the use of the term radical Islam snd its effect on rational and peacefull Muslims the world over.

  3. The Donald, among his other self-assessed attributes, is a renowned genetics expert .


  4. As many in America expected, Trump, its biggest narcissistic WATB is stating the first debate was rigged. He has been working at setting new Lower Standards for the GOP and the party leadership has willing accepted and supported them.

    Take a look at... Trump starts looking to second debate, claims first one was 'rigged'

    For another look... Trump Slams First Presidential Debate: 'What A Rigged Deal'

    The All Time Loser, ethically and morally speaking.

  5. Hmmm. USAToday, which has never endorsed any presidential candidate, did not endorse one this election cycle, but it did tell its millions of readers that Donald Trump is unfit to be POTUS and that he's a "serial liar."

    (Cue the rabid right saying George Soros wrote the editorial.)

    After Monday's debate, Trump said that Lester Holt was good, later he said Holt did a "C" or a "C-" job. Now he's whining that the debate was rigged because he did a horrible job and lost against Hillary. Remember, this guy has everything he is invested in his image of himself as being a WINNAH. That's why the beating he took from Hillary on Monday night stings! And that's why he's been tweeting up a storm about a beauty contest winner being fat and making porn video. (Can anyone imagine any other presidential candidate doing this? Also, This from a guy whose wife's sexy naughty parts are plastered all over the intertubz, and whose wife posed for some soft porn, lesbian photo shoots.)

    Irony is dead with Donald. I'm sure he doesn't even know what it means.

    1. Since I never really thought (until recently) DJT was politically stupid is it posible he is actually trying to lose the election? I mean he could do very well and be a real big time winnah if he launched Trump Media. He, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, et all might just topple Faux News. All Bulls*it All The Time seems to really sell with the rightwing looneys that admire these people.

    2. Shaw... Actually, here's exactly what they are saying... "Most papers who turn against the Republican are citing personality. Some mention ‘all those Republican generals who aren’t supporting him,’ etc ., but Trump has 80 Republican bigwigs who’ve just supported him and they don’t mention that.

      What gets me is how they are mostly endorsing on PERSONALITY, not PLATFORM. SO, USA TODAY and the ARIZONA PAPER (and sooooooOOO many others) are supporting Hillary mostly because he’s a mean, supposedly misogynist, uninformed, unlikable guy.

      They’re even STILL saying Trump backed the Iran war when that seems to be only based on a quick, casual “Ya, I guess” on Stern?

      I could post more, but many of the other extreme comments and posts are tough to understand, given their inability to read or write in proper decipherable English.

      But then that is to be expected when a majority of your supporters are, to quote Freethinke, "of a certain ilk."

    3. The Iran war, huh? What was Donald's recommendation for that?

    4. Who knows? He ran. He ran so far away.

  6. @ Dave... A significant number of the electorate is not interested in specifics and the truth about budgets, deficits, infrastructure, crime rates/trends, growing global ecomomic interdependance, increasing diversity within cultures worldwide, etc and the complexities of today's world. Soooooo... what to do to get them to engage rationally and jetison the personality fixation and the BS that is so often associated with personality based politics?

  7. Away for awhile... Family illness.

    Over and Out.

  8. Sorry to hear that, RN. We'll hope for the best.


  9. Dave quoted what the far right is saying about conservative newspaper endorsements for Clinton and against Trump: "What gets me is how they are mostly endorsing on PERSONALITY, not PLATFORM."

    The newspapers are telling their readers that Trump does not have the TEMPERAMENT to be a world leader. Trump proves this on a daily basis -- and the most recent example is his 3 AM tweeting about an ex-beauty contestant. Is that what we look for in a president? Please. The fact that the people on the far right who still support Trump don't get that he shows an appalling lack of judgement in presidential qualifications. TEMPERAMENT definition:

    NOUN: individual's character, disposition, and tendencies as revealed in his reactions
    2.excitability, moodiness, or anger, esp when displayed openly
    3.the characteristic way an individual behaves, esp towards other people

    This country cannot allow a man with the temperament of a spoiled 8-year old brat, unable to control his tantrums, to be the leader of the free world.

  10. Thank you Shaw. My father (who turns 84 next Tuesday) went into the hospital Wednesday with several issues. He has stabilized and today he is being moved to a temporary rehab facility until he gains strength. He's a tough ole bird and we are confident he has several years left in him.

  11. And no commentor has ever been as obnoxious as the one above.

    1. He is who he is. He responds in kind. IOW he follows your lead. Whoever you may be.

      Frankly, as a fiscally responsible conservative who understands the funtion of government in a complex expanding global environment, I'm tired of the innuendos, false narrative, fabrications, equivocation, outright lies, personal attacks on character of all the rightwing disagree with, and the general BS a once great party has sunk to.

      Come back when you have something of value to offer.

      BTW, my 84 year old and quite ill father said FO.

      Have a good evening JSIR.

  12. Frankly, as a fiscally responsible conservative who understands the funtion of government I don't give a Damn what you think!

    1. Attention all you liberals, i wish to inform you ALL that us Trump supporters don't give a RATS ASS about his taxes, we just want him to make America Great again.

    2. Sure. Whatever. tRump hasn't a clue nor do you.

  13. Yeah, he gives enough of a damn to knit up dozens of sock puppets that hang on your every word, RN.


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