Sunday, August 28, 2016

Goodnight In Amerca...

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"Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said it's "game over" on any chance of winning the White House if he does not make it to the debate stage.

Winning the election, yes, I would say game over," Johnson said on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace.

Johnson would need to be at a 15 percent threshold to join Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the debate stage. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the five polls it would use to determine that threshold are ABC-Washington Post, CBS-New York Times, CNN-Opinion Research Corporation, Fox News and NBC-Wall Street Journal.

Johnson said he is at 10 percent in those five polls but has seen an increase of about 4 percentage points over the past six weeks.

Ayup. Game over. Precisely as the powers controlling the American system WANT it. And Stein? Forget about it.

There never will be true principled change in America. System is rigged so no other than a D or an R will ever stand a chance and the American voting public just doesn't seem to get it.

It is what it is. Stay used to it because it ain't going to change. Unless...

Never mind.


  1. It's a disgrace if Johnson doesn't get to the debates. IMO, he already has enough at 10%. In this particular case, it is rigged!

  2. It is not so much thAt the system is "rigged", but that the system is set up to foster two major parties, and thusminimizes the power of third parties. This is typical of winner take all systems. It is not the D or R's fault or rigging. If you want third parties to have more influence, you have to change the system. Or, you hav to do what the TeaParty has done. You take over one of the two big parties. For progressives, libertarians, or any other third party group to be successful, their way to power is through one of the two major parties, not the creation of their own party.

    There is a lot of talk going around that if Trump gets his ass handed to him in November, it will spell the end of the Republican Party. I don't think so. One of two things will happen after the election. Either the tea party will solidify its hold o the Republican Party or the republican establishment will boot the TPers out and regain control. If Trump loses, there will be an opening for a "third party" take over also.

    Only time will tell.

  3. Johnson and Stein should be in the debates, in my view. But aren't the debates run by a private organization? In other words, you can't force someone to include them just like you can't force Time Magazine to have Romney on its cover?

    As for the system being rigged, the government is giving massive amounts of taxpayer money to the D's and R's. Like for the conventions. This number should be millions, not $0. This is a definite example of rigging, in my view.

    1. According to Time Mag, "...recent federal rule changes that eliminated public funding for conventions ..."

    2. That doesn't sound any better, Jerry. I wish there was no taxpayer money going to the RNC. But I would like complete disclosure.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks. I can see such terms as "nonpartisan" and "it does not endorse, support or oppose political candidates or parties." in the first paragraph alone that can be contradicted by the org favoring some parties over others. A conflict/contradiction that is avoided the more parties are included.

  5. So, Gary is going to drop out when he doesn't get into the debates?

  6. Don't blame him. What's the point when you're iced out of the debates and have almost zero media exposure.

    In the USA you must either be yuuugely rich or have powerful and wealthy people/organizations behind you.

    If he does maybe his 9% will hitch on to the Stein wagon.

  7. Well, in the media exposure that Lying Gary does get, they (reporters, pundits) don't call him on his BS. Although they do the same with Trump. In addition to giving him billions of free media. But the media realizes that the 2 party system is Constitutionally baked-in and Lying Gary wouldn't stand a chance no matter how much exposure they gave him. He might have gotten into the debates, but he still wouldn't win.

  8. just for Shitz-n-Grins Dervish, is there even one non progressive you have contempt for?


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