Friday, August 12, 2016

Back Soon...


  1. Enjoy! And leave the intertubz behind!

  2. Thanks Shaw. No posting until next Friday!

    I will be logging in occasionally for a brief stay fom time to time.

  3. RN, are you stalking me? I'm on vacation at 5pm today! Get my son back to college then I'm going to the mountains!

    Have a great vacation!!

  4. The mountains, no better place to rejuvenate! Have a super vacation as well!!

  5. Enjoy the vacation. We will hold the fort down.

  6. Thanks Jerry!

    We may differ on some things Jerry but we sure as hell agree Trumplestiltskin is a jerk that MUST be defeated.

    1. Hey Ted are you a Trumpian Troll?

      If so feel free not to return to this fine rational weblog. For if you do you shall NOT be published.

  7. There is an online edition of our local newspaper where the following exchange took place (I thought you might find this interesting):

    ANTHONY IOVINE - Today at 12:40 PM
    "Your last sentence is absolutely ludicrous. What you said was that "EVERYONE" who supports a lunatic as Trump has no moral backbone. Isn't that the same as saying that everyone who supports that "PATHOLOGICAL LIAR" Hillary has no moral backbone also."

(O)CT(O)PUS - Today at 1:23 PM

Mr. Iovine,
    An interesting point you raise. So I surfed the Internet to check the facts - the percentage of true versus false statements made by Trump and Clinton respectively - and this is what I found (as reported by

    True statements — Clinton 16, Trump 4
    Mostly true statements — Clinton 48, Trump 10

    False statements — Clinton 15, Trump 65
    Pants on fire statements - Clinton 1, Trump 30

    Here are the overall rating as provided by
    Donald Trump — False 60.13 of the time, True 2.53% of the time
    Hillary Clinton — False 13.33 of the time, True 13.33 of the time

    So it appears Donald Trump is the “pathological liar” as well as the lunatic. Thus, on both measures, Donald Trump has no moral backbone."

    (Whether this lets air out of the buffoon's balloon is another)

  8. In my opinion (O)CT(O)PUS it will have zero effect on the Trumpian buffoon or anyone else that prefers truthiness to actual acts. unfortunately...

  9. The above should read..
    To actual facts .

    That aside, I just finished watching a Hannity segment on Faux News with Gingrich, Trump, Walker, Giuliani, and the favorite Milwaukee sheriff. The untruths and hypocrisy was glaring. But the audience ate it up. Therr remains little credibility left in the GOP.

    Unfortunately the democratic party and HRC have a credibility problem as well. However, it hasn't reached the magnitude of the GOP and the rightwing yet.

    2016 will be a year to remember. If Trump wins and his "vision" becomes reality we will have lost our democratic republic. Likely for good.

    Back this Friday or Saturday.


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