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Will Trump's Economic Policies Make America Great "Again"...

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Presidential hopeful and presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump wants to Make America Great "Again". His economic policies, analyzed by Moody, paints a not so rosy picture. At the very least Mr. Trump needs to explain in depth what his policies would be, demonstrate why they would be successful and how Moody's analysis is incorrect.

Moody's Analytics - Presidential candidates often put forward proposals that are as much political statements as firm policy positions. No one expects that their proposals will get through the legislative process and into law fully intact. But while the policy proposals put forward by candidates are generally well overstated, they are a statement on their philosophy and priorities. Mr. Trump’s economic policy proposals should be considered through this lens. He has suggested that he might be willing to bend his position on taxes and perhaps tariffs. He has even intimated that his policy statements are simply a negotiating stance— he is asking for a lot more up front than he ultimately expects to get.

Having said this, what he is asking for is fiscally unsound. His tax and spending proposals will result in very large deficits and a much higher debt load. A future Congress may be able to rein in this profligacy, but it will not be easy, as there is a gulf between what he says he wants on taxes and spending and what it will take to make the budget arithmetic work.

He is also very suspicious of globalization. His willingness to threaten higher tariffs on U.S. trading partners and his sharp criticism of major trade deals signal a reversal on the long-running expansion of U.S. trade and foreign investment. Requiring millions of undocumented immigrants to leave the country also signals less openness to the rest of the world. The upshot of Mr. Trump’s economic policy positions under almost any scenario is that the U.S. economy will be more isolated and diminished.

Article from the Wall Street Journal.

Complete Moody's Analytics analysis.

Knowing what we know about Mr. Trump's track record relative to honesty a deep and healthy skepticism of everything he utters would be an advisable policy.

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  1. Maybe I missed the message, but Hillary isn't saying where she is going to get the money to do what she wants to do. Bernie says he's going to raise taxes on Wall Street to pay for his multi-trillion dollar plan.
    I believe the president of Mexico told Trump, he wasn't going to give a dime for building Trump's wall.
    They are all typical politicians. Making promises they must know, they cannot keep. It's amazing so many Republicans are supporting Trump's "voodoo economics" but can't we say the same about Hillary's plans?

  2. I have a great Idea for you Luke. You do a lengthy, or short if you prefer, post pointing out the Clinton economic policies and the impact they might have on the economy. I'll stop by and leave a comment. Links in your post to credible sources is suggested.

    Now, back to the object of this post, DJT's economic policies and their affect on the lower and middle class, the result of a nar certain deep recession.

    BTW, Moody's Analytical is planning the same tpe of analysis of Clinton's economic plans. Sanders is really mute at this point. I look forward to your insightful post at your site. Might even do one of my own.

  3. I'll wait until Moody's comes out with their analysis of Clinton's plan. That seems fair, to me.

  4. "make America great AGAIN" ...sort of begs the question, at what set@point is he speaking? 1492? 1776?
    1848? 1865? 1929? 2008? ..exactly what great America is he aiming for here? Me, I'd settle for when the
    NRA was just a gentleman shooter club.

    1. You think Trump is saying America is not great now? Aren't we exceptional? The implication BB of his comment is we aren't.

      I wonder who's better?

      RN... As to his Econ policies... Of course they'll be bad, but Luke has a point. Hillary's will be bad too...

    2. Dave... I realize HRC's economic policy would also be less than desirable, but, Trump is the greater of two evils and I believe this is true with respect to his economic plans. I wait for a detailed analysis of HRC's.

      I read the exchange at The Oracular Opinion berween Luke and Pamela. It sent a red flag up for me. I shall take a wait and see approach.

      BTW, APP clearly offers no value when he/she/it posts a comment. So, I've taken your advice.

    3. I took your advice and read the "Daddy" blog. Your nasty comments there sent a red flag up for me about you. Then Shaw lying to me sent another red flag about your whole scummy crowd. Then you were to cowardly to even talk about Clinton's economics stating I was off topic, not to mention your condescending tone, but it's OK for BB to go off in to a gun topic. My first ever comment was on Shaw's blog and surprise 24 hours later my 2 day old blog is attacked, my comment was stolen, my ID was stolen, then you showed up on my blog. All I did was tell Pam the comment posted by APP was my comment and she was nasty, so screw her and screw you. I believe YOU are the cause of much of the BS and probably have been for years. Enjoy your daily dishonestly and deceit. You are no longer welcome to post comments on my blog. By asshole.

    4. Luke sounds quite like a couple others who are no longer welcome here. Perhaps he is one of their sock puppets? Not that it matters as he will not be allowed to comment here either.

      Now Luke, ya have a delightful day now ya here?

      BTW, Lisa's Stench Trench sounds like just the place for you. You'll fit right in.

      Buh Bye...

    5. That other blog is run by a little weasel with no intellectual backbone at all.


  5. Me, I'd settle for when the NRA was just a gentleman shooter club.

    That would be refreshing BB Idaho. Unfortunately that is not likely to happen any time soon.

  6. I wasn't aware that Sanders is mute :)

  7. It smells like the Trump coup has a new campaign director.

  8. RN,

    As far as Trump's economic policies, I've had my reservations ever since I first heard him tout all the stuff he's going to do AND lower taxes. Seems the math just doesn't add up. And HRC, hers aren't adding up either. The only one in this race who's at least honest is Bernie. I don't agree with the man, but at least you know where he stands!

    And I can say I'm sick of this voting for the lesser of two evils. One day I'd like for us to have two candidates who are actually honest and honorable. But I know, don't hold my breath ;)

    P.S. Glad you're blog is working again!!

  9. I agree with you on all counts Pam. Sanders probably is the most honest of the three in many respects. But, his economic policies would likely increase the national debt by as much as three trillion dollars. Or so I've read.

    I too would jump for joy if both parties nominee were credible and honest women or men of sterling character. Sadly I have given up believing tht will happen in my lifetime.

    I had to ix the side bar presentation (on either side) to make it work,Don't really like it but at this stage of my blogging it simply is what it is and shall reain so.

    I went over to you site the other day and found you went to nvited members only. I thaink I know why.

    1. RN, when "Luke" was giving me problems, I quickly shut it down. Now it's on comment moderation.

  10. It's about making the brand GREAT. Trump is all over that, with a driving need to add POTUS to his brand. It's never been about America, her problems, or Making America Great "Again". It's all abut The Donald IMNHO.

  11. Pamela, it is great that oracular opinion is back. That was one of the best blogs.

  12. Luke is probably another one of Lisa's sock puppets. He's a trouble maker who went to Pam's blog and called her, one of the nicest bloggers on the internet, a bitch.

    As for Trump's economic policies, they're not workable and would put us deeper into debt. We'll wait on what we hear from Moody's on Hillary's plan. No matter. No president can implement any economic policy without Congress's help. If Hillary wins and Congress stays in the hands of the Republicans, I doubt much progress will be made.

    1. Thank you, Shaw. I didn't take "Luke's" insult to heart. I saw him for what he was as soon as I read his comment.

  13. Luke has his own blog and he and TOM seem to have hit it off. TOM's already bad mouthing the usual group.

    Perhaps the senate flips and the house majority is diminished so if HRC wins something might get done.

    With luck Trump will self destruct.

  14. If you'll permit me one more post on the troll, "Luke." He claims I lied here, on your blog, about him calling Pam a "bitch," and "Luke" has been trolling my comment moderation for days, acting like a psycho. As I told him, for a "new" blogger, he sure knows an awful lot about the Daddy blog, you, me, Pam, and Ducky. He's "new" like TOM is "new."

    Here's the link to Pam's blog where "Luke" calls her a bitch (he deleted his comment, (a typical cowardly troll move) but Pam captured it in her reply.

    The end. No more on "Luke." Thanks for your understanding.

    1. Luke, like TOM is a disturbed individual. He has been hitting my comment inbox with the same filth that TOM. My delete key works well and has been getting a real workout.

      TOM and Luke get no further mention here.

  15. The 'Man Who Would Be President' is in Scotland today, opening his golf course. He is the most hated man in in Scotland. His 'diplomacy', as usual, involved eminent domain, bragging about
    the wonderful project and crushing any who got in the way. One, Micheal Forbes , was voted 'Scotsman of the Year'. If the buffoon is elected, we will save a lot of money by closing the US State Department.

  16. If elected, Trump, in a very short time could very well become the most despised man in the USA.

  17. If elected, Trump, in a very short time could very well become the most despised man in the USA.


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