Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump, An ISIS Stooge?...

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It is no surprise that Trump has chose to politicize and exploit the Orlando Florida terrorist attack in which 50 souls were killed and 53 were injured this past Sunday morning. His exploitation of this horrific attack for political purposes is reprehensible and sickens. It is also dangerous.

The following from Slate,

Donald Trump says the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida—perpetrated early Sunday morning by an Afghan American who’d pledged allegiance to ISIS—vindicates Trump’s hard line against ISIS and terrorism. In a tweet posted Sunday afternoon, Trump gloated that he had been proved “right on radical Islamic terrorism.”


Trump is a fool. Analysts who see this atrocity as an act of radical Islamic terrorism—and who understand radicalism, Islam, and terrorism far better than Trump does—suspect it was inspired by a message from ISIS, issued three weeks ago. This elaborate statement, delivered by ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, urged ISIS sympathizers to attack civilians in Europe and the United States during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. It also clarified the group’s propaganda and recruitment strategy. Trump’s platform of banning Muslims, blocking migrants, and ruthlessly bombing ISIS-held territory fits this strategy perfectly. He’s an ISIS stooge.

The statement from ISIS, released on May 21, exhorts Muslims to “terrorize” non-Muslims everywhere and to make Ramadan “a month of suffering.” But this plea comes from a position of weakness. The statement says “the whole world has allied and rushed against us,” launching “20,000 airstrikes” and killing several top ISIS leaders. It pledges, defiantly and expectantly, that ISIS won’t quit no matter how much territory it loses.

The worst peril, according to the statement, is emerging from within Islam: “Evil scholars” are using “every form of media” to issue “fatwas against the mujahidin.” These scholars, the statement explains, are promoting moderate interpretations of Islamic mercy. They’re denouncing terrorism and condemning ISIS fighters as pseudo-Islamic “renegades.” They’re instructing Muslims to renounce jihad and expel ISIS from their lands. For pages and pages, the statement goes on, lambasting these scholars and the damage they’re doing to public opinion. Clearly, ISIS sees this as a central threat.

To quash the threat, ISIS reasserts that “there are only two armies, two camps, two trenches”: Muslims and infidels. There can be no integration, the statement argues—no attempt to “ ‘make peace and mix’ with those who hate the faith.” Muslims must follow ISIS: “We are the People of the Quran.” The statement claims that the armies arrayed against ISIS “wage war against us … because we command the worship of Allah. … This is our religion. For this alone, we fight the world and they fight us."

To prove that the forces arrayed against ISIS are anti-Islamic, and to justify terrorism in Europe and the United States, the statement presents three arguments...

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Trump is without doubt a stooge. A very, very dangerous stooge.


  1. Trump has revoked the Washington Post's press credentials as well as The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, Telemundo, Politico and The Des Moines Register. He's a thin-skinned racist bully who cannot tolerate anything but adulation from the press or anyone else. This is the man the extremist in the TGOP are supporting for POTUS. Can you imagine what he'd be like as POTUS? What has happened to this country that such a thin-skinned racist bully could now be the leader of one of our major political parties? If you've surfed the usual far right blogs, you've seen that our fellow Americans support this stain on our American heritage, and they actually believe he's qualified to be POTUS. I don't understand my fellow Americans anymore.

  2. tRump The Demagogue is just what the lunacy wing of the GOP ordered. He represents the single greatest internal threat to our democratic republic (representative democracy) since its beginning in 1787.

    He is supremely unqualified to hold the highest office in the land yet millions of Americans are supporting him out of uncertainty and fear. There are millions more Shaw that love this country and the civil liberties and freedoms this nation still offers and protects. I am hopeful, actually confident, that the real Americans, the ones who understand our nations promise, will prevail in November and The Demagogue will be defeated.

    tRump The Demagogue brings shame upon America.

  3. We presume you have seen the Ken Burns commencement speech at Stanford?

  4. Actually BB Idaho I had not, thank you for linking it. I passed it on to others. Ken Burns is a man after my own heart.


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