Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nevada Dem Convention...

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Just in... Bernie Sanders accepts Fox News debate invitation


  1. This was a mess, plain and simple and it was caused by some in the Sanders camp.

    The stuff these folks have done, Bernie's refusal to forcefully tell them to back off and his ongoing statements that call any outcome other than his selection rigged, have created the very situation the GOP seems to be avoiding with Trump.

    1. Actually, it was the other way around. The mess was caused by some in the Clinton camp who changed the rules to favor their candidate.

  2. Indeed. I find it most interesting to observe both majors with the problems and issues within their respective party.

    2016 has been an amusing primary season and all indications are the general will be even more amusing.

    I do not expect much of real substance to be addressed by either candidate with any level of rationality. So, we can forget about credibility that's for sure.

    IMNHO when a nation has sunk to the level of selecting candidates like this year's presumptive nominees there is no question we are on the downhill slope into decline.

    It is what it is apparently... the nation has accepted it.

    So be it.


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