Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dedicated To The Man With Orange Hair...

There was a fart in the wind
and it blew an ill smell,
a precursor of what is to come
should The Drumpf Man not succumb.

Those on the right with big inhales of might
drew in that odious smell with huge delight,
with a big grin and a vulgarian’s middle finger
The Drumpf Man proclaimed, I’ll be the new leader!

With eyes half closed and minds all a shuttered
the right in obedient lockstep did not even shudder,
with willingness in abundance and hope eternal
the folks on the right did not dare stutter.

Armed with bluster and full of muster
The Drumpf Man has created quite a cluster,
but alas when all is said and done in the chill of November
the people will hand The Drumpf Man his rump on a platter.

Les Carpenter


  1. Is the self described Saint Donald
    a reincarnated Ronald?
    Or the showy Adolf Drumph
    the hero of Mein Kumf?
    The one who bullied Megyn
    a cartoon of Ronny Reagan?
    Could he be another Ike?
    Or start another Reich?
    He can bluster, strut and gloat
    but he'll never get my vote.

    1. Nice BB Idaho! Thanks for contributing this. All good questions to consider.

  2. You are now required to write similar poems for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Because "you gotta be even-handed". I'd link to where I read that, but was previously forbidden to do so again (link to that particular site).

    1. Ah, no Dervish, I don't believe at this time I am required to do similar poems for Sanders and HRC. But should I do so it will be in good taste even if not necessarily complementary of them.

  3. Replies
    1. If recognizing the narcissism, misogyny, xenophobia, dangerous nationalism, and rampant demagoguery of Donald J Trump (Drumpf) is being an idiot then I thank you for your compliment "American Girl".


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