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America Can, and Should Do BETTER...

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2016 is without a doubt perhaps the most unusual election cycle in recent history. Some, like me, might even consider it bizarre.

With 17 GOP candidates and 4 democratic candidates at the beginning of the campaign season one would think at least 1 or 2 candidates in both parties would have the gravitas it takes to be president. Unfortunately it became obvious fairly early that no candidate in either party was truly focusing on matters of genuine substance that effects us all. If they haven't yet they surely will at some point, sooner or later.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of the points made by candidates from both parties are important to address, but they need to be framed and ordered as part of a broader strategic plan. Critical to any success will be broad bipartisan support and cooperation. Something presently lacking in the politics of the USA.

While doing some research on a different topic I came across a July 2015 article in FORTUNE that addressed some of the critical issues facing the USA today. Although the issues are not new the nation and it's leadership have simply failed to take actions necessary to rectifying them and reversing our current trend.

Highlights from the article:

USA ranks 27th out of 27 high income countries.

USA ranks 16th out of 23 European and other developed countries in education and skills.

USA ranked 16th out of 34 in internet speed and access.

USA ranks 33rd out of 145 countries with at least one million people in health.

USA ranks 36th out of 162 countries in people living below the poverty line, behind Morocco and Albania.

USA ranks 34th out of 35 countries surveyed for children living in poverty

USA ranks 4th highest nation in the world for income inequality.

USA ranks 1st out of 224 countries in prison population.

USA ranks 17th out of 36 in life satisfaction.

USA ranks 17th out of 175 countries in corruption.

USA ranks 16th out of 133 in the stability index.

USA ranks 16th out of 113 countries in the social progress index.

It is clear from the above data points that America has work to do if it is to become in reality that Great Nation we all want it to be. For that to happen is going to require burying the political hatchet and begin working together as Americans. Americans of all races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientation working together can make America's future brighter than it is today. If they can find the political and moral courage to make it happen.

Find the text of the referenced article HERE.

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