Saturday, April 30, 2016

Virginia's KKK Grand Wizard is Backing Trump...

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It comes as absolutely NO surprise. Trump brings out the worst in America. Repeatedly.

Trump has also been backed by KKK member David Duke

TPM - While the Imperial Wizard said Obama’s presidency has been “a very good recruiting tool,” he said it's because of Obama’s politics, not his race.

“We are not white supremacists, we’re white separatists,” the leader said on camera. “We’re not the big bad hate group people think we are.”

It's not the first time Trump has earned the support of the KKK. Former leader David Duke endorsed the Republican in February, sparking outrage over Trump's delayed response in distancing himself from Duke. More Here

Click  HERE  to watch first video and then watch the interview below.

Profoundly disturbing stuff.


  1. It’s particularly interesting to note that yesterday in a press interview Mrs. Jane Sanders, the candidate’s wife, made it clear that Bernie supporters won’t simply fall in line with Hillary Clinton if he (Bernie) doesn’t get the nomination.. Suggesting that basically none of Sanders’ supporters would vote for Hillary, and that even if Hillary tries to woo them, only a small number will in the end support the Democratic ticket.
    This effort may damage the Democratic party, and set back progressive movement to elect Hillary.
    In the end, Bernie and Jane Sanders are playing a bit fast and loose with their talk. While Bernie promises to support the ultimate Democratic candidate, Jane goes off and suggests that Sanders’ supporters won’t be as magnanimous. It’s a cute passive-aggressive way for the Sanders to have their cake and eat it too. They can claim to be above the fray and support the party’s candidate, while at the same time knifing her in the back, and the entire progressive cause in the process

    1. Sanders knows he is not going to win the nomination. He is angling to influence the democratic party's platform, pushing it further to the left. In this he may very well succeed.

      Clinton is a moderate liberal, she is not a radical progressive.

    2. You are correct with both of your observations, RN. Sanders may not be the nominee, but he will have a lot of pull at the convention. The Sanders revolution was and will be successful in that regard. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a shift back to the Left, reversing the Al From/Bill Clinton "New Democrat" coup. HRC, being the wife of the pres that gave us the "3rd way" is surely not ideal, however. I'll reluctantly vote for her, although I'd greatly have preferred Sanders. Certainly she is preferable to Trump.

  2. You're not fooling anyone. Sanders is a FRAUD and only fools believe in him!

    This coming from someone who is backing Drumpf?!

    1. What? Are you implying that Dave is a sock puppet of someone that travels a certain rightwing weblog?

  3. Kate Quigley, sister of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty, was shocked when Bill Clinton said he was amazed what his wife was “put through” when she had to answer hours of questions from the Benghazi Select Committee. “The insensitivity of that comment is shocking,” Quigley said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.” “But clearly misguided sympathy runs in the family.”

    Most people have forgotten that Bill Clinton was disbarred because he lied under oath in front of a grand jury, while serving as President of the US.

    Now that appalling individual is “grandstanding” on the fact that Hillary was questioned for 11 hours by a Congressional Hearing, when she deserves much more profound questioning including her now proven, obvious lies about her use of a private, and very much unsecured, mail server.

    I must admit that seeing “Slimy Bill” and his comments on how Hillary “would be the only American capable of withstanding this kind of questioning” makes me remember how Bill destroyed the image of the office of the president by his awful behavior with Monica Lewinsky and apparently a host of other women during his time in the White House.

    1. The post was about Donald Trump (Drumpf) and the fact KKK racist types seem drawn to him his rhetoric of xenophobia as well as his pandering to the extreme nationalists in the GOP.

      How about addressing that rather than Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinski affair of years ago. It is irrelevant to this post.

  4. The commenter "Dave" copied and pasted John Aravosis's article from his blog. "Dave" is a WYD sock puppet running to blogs, pasting this stolen article and passing it off as his/her own. The troll even uses Dave Grohl's image as its avatar to lend some authenticity to the name "Dave." Nice touch, that, eh?

    The "Dave" sock puppet hasn't the brains to write what it copied and pasted on its own. "Sandy-Says" is another one. Trolls. Probably rusty red ones at that.

  5. "A Proud Progressive" is probably a WYD troll as well. It copies and pastes almost all my comments and posts over at WYD. No real "progressive" I know would engage in such nutty behavior. Why it comes to my blog and steals my stuff, only it can know, but we can guess APP is nothing more than a trickster. You've got an infestation here of trolls who steal other people's work. It's an odd sickness, but perhaps they've nothing else going on in their little trolly lives?

  6. Not surprising Shaw, not surprising at all. These folks likely have nothing better to do with their time and certainly are lacking in originality. Which is to say they haven't a thought of their own.

    Children will be children.

    BTW, there's a new one just hit my site and left a pointless comment. Calls himself/herself/itself Lorenzo something or the other. The comment had the same syntax as a TOM/Steve coment. Just as vulgar as well.

  7. 2016: The year of the worst possible political outcome. The U.S. has been trending towards totalitarianism for a long time. I never thought I would see this within my lifetime.

  8. Indeed (O)CT(O)PUS. Empires have a way of self destructing in time. Apparently even democratic republics.

    All the while I'm thinking of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".


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