Monday, April 25, 2016

Drumpf, A Clown For All Times...

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Collusion - secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others:

Donald J. Drumpf loosely tossing around the allegation of collusion between Cruz and Kasich, the result of their strategy to deny Drumpf the republican nomination on the first ballot. On the surface Drumpf's claim of collusion seemed just plain foolish and sure enough, checking definition of the word confirmed it is indeed foolish.

First, the strategy is not secret as the specifics are out and all over the news. Second, Neither Cruz or Kasich has denied the strategy. Third, Cruz and Kasich are quite simply making decisions as how to allocate their individual resources in the manner they each believe serves their best interests as they pursue the GOP nomination. Forth, there is absolutely no evidence of deception, although in Mr. Drumpf's mind he certainly believes they are trying to cheat him out of the winning the GOP nomination. Fifth, there is nothing illegal in allocating ones resources as they see fit. As long as the resources were acquired legally and the candidate is playing by the party's established rules. There is no evidence this isn't the case.

In a nutshell Drumpf is simply being Drumpf. Proving once again he is the demagogue most rational people know him to be. He is simply playing to the emotions of his ardent followers. For the rest of us, well, we simply hope Cruz and Kasich are successful.

New York Times Article BELOW THE FOLD.


  1. He wouldn't be my choice but I would never bet against him. Who would have thought he would be the front runner six months ago, not me.
    He appeals to a base who is fed up with government in general and the current administration in particular.
    We are becoming a country of the 1% and I don't mean the wealthiest one percent. Laws are made to protect gay marriage, LBGT, restroom laws while we watch manufacturing jobs and the middle class diminish.
    Lets pass a law making fifteen dollars a minimum wade so we can drive up unemployment for minority youth.

    I am not sure Trump will be better or even the clinton crime family but they sure can't be worse than what we have.

  2. I have but three comment specifics.

    1) BUYER BEWARE if considering Drumpf.

    2) Continuing self education is advisable.

    3) The Truth Shall Set You Free

    You take it from there skudrunner.

  3. If we want certainty elect -H- because we will have four more years of obama.

    No matter who or what is elected, the American people will be an after thought because it is all about the politics and the politicians. They will Never do anything that is not in their self interest.

    Another certainty is on January 21, 2017 they will start running for reelection.

  4. Must be a bitch always being so negative and so disillusioned skudrunner. You have my sympathies, I hope you overcome your malady.

  5. I know it is shocking but I do disagree with you on your assessment. The very definition of disillusion "disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed."

    If you believe that a growth of .05%, that declining wages, that intentionally shrinking the middle class and bolstering the poor and government dependent then I guess -H- is your choice because she has vowed to keep up the obama policies.

    If you believe that a politician will do something that is not in their best interest then I do feel you are misinformed or extremely gullible.

  6. First of all skudrunner nothing that you write shocks anymore.

    Certainly the growth you cited (w/out reference) and the declining middle class is not acceptable to anyone with a functioning capacity to think for themselves.

    Look to the party and elected officials from the party most responsible for your concerns.

  7. If you need references, turn on a TV, other than MSNBC, or read a financial publication.
    Better yet start a small business and try to get a loan from a bank. All of the break up the banks and massive regulations put in place since 2008 has the unintended consequence of making it impossible to get a loan unless you don't need it. Maybe that is why the obamacare folks didn't start all those small businesses he said was going to happen.

  8. I do not need references skudrunner, I read a lot. Further, it is a good practice to watch several cable news channels, as well as local.

    Further, I have managed businesses and my father an mother did run a successful small business for mnany years.

    What your refusal to post a cedible reference or a link tells me is you have none and your babble is just so much babble.

    Don't waste my time or the time of serious readers who come here.

  9. Skud... I hope no one is happy with .5% growth. It's simply horrible. Everyone is agreed on that.

    What I'd like to see are some proposals from the conservative side to stimulate the economy without increasing the deficit.

    Is it possible? I don't think so, at least not in modern history.

    Any thoughts?


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