Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah On Trump's Misogyny...

Some content inappropriate for children.


  1. Eeeew! Trump is a creepy misogynist. I can't imagine any mentally healthy father talking about his infant daughter's legs and breasts. And we've all heard The Trumper tell the world that he'd date his daughter Ivanka if he weren't her father. We know what The Trumper appreciates most in women, their boobs and legs, and he admires women for their usefulness as a "great piece of ass." Apparently The Trumper never matured beyond a 12 boy who sneaks girlie magazines into his room to...oh never mind. What sort of man/boy admires this creep?

  2. Indeed it appears that way to even us more conservatively disposed rationally thinking folks Shaw.

  3. Trevor Noah is probably one of those Leftist buffoons. He's also Black, so he's got to be a minstrel as well. I'd bet a lot of money on it.


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