Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trump, You Ain't No Ronald Reagan...

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Trump, as well as many in the GOP today, certainly doesn't have the following in common with President Ronald Reagan or President George H.W. Bush, two men Trump wouldn't have earned the right to shine their shoes.

Unfortunately there are a yuuuge number of people who share Trump's vision for America. Our advice is simple, BUYER BEWARE.

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  1. TOM, your ignorant post was not posted because, well, it was ignorant, just like all of the many hundreds of comments you leave that don't get posted.

    Advice to you is give it up. Your comments will likely never see the light of a post.

    Have a good day now ts hear.

  2. Another friendly suggestion TOM, go back to school and learn to read. It will serve you well.

    Oh, and BTW TOM, if you believe your ignorant comments have an effect on me you are correct. They cause me to laugh my a*s off every time you drop one of your bird droppings off for me to read.

  3. Actually, he kinda reminds me of Reagan, only I think Trump's a little smarter.


  4. Actually, you may think what you wish. Trump may be smarter, he is also by far more dangerous. In many more ways than one.

    1. He may be. That's the trouble with Trump. We just don't know. With Reagan, we knew what we were getting. Tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation.


  5. The reason why pollsters and pundits got it so wrong is that they totally underestimated or dismissed outright the pent up anger of the American electorate. I am not so sure any other candidate can win under these circumstances.

  6. Anger, fear, uncertainty is wholly understandable. I get that. But allowing that anger, fear, or uncertainty to cause one to respond foolishly and support a narcissistic authoritarian demagogue is simply beyond me.

    Trump would have no problem actually shredding the constitution and ignoring accepted international law and the Geneva Accords.

    In my view he is the caricature of a tyrant. As well as one rude and crude sob.

  7. Trump may be more reality and caricature. After all, a CEO is a business dictator, not a president.

  8. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, why use the broad brush? Yes some CEO's are authoritarian and autocratic leaders, however the real smart ones pick smart people that value the ideas of those who work for them and then let them run with the ball.

    Perhaps simplistic but true. The wise CEO makes decisions based on the good information competent capable subordinates supply him with. So, an effective, competent, and capable CEO has all the character attributes of a good leader. In other words some CEO's would likely make good presidents. Trump on the other hand does fall into your definition of a CEO.

  9. True, it is a broad brush, but even dictators have advisors and a corporation is by no means a democracy.

  10. Yes Jerry dictators do. So, I guess we could discuss the philosophical differences that exist between an autocratic and authoritarian CEO and a more, shall we say, enlightened and effective CEO. But of course the observation is then enlightened by whose standards? And the merry-go-round continues.

    Having been able to observe fist hand both types of CEO management and leadership profiles observable reality informs me tat the less autocratic and authoritarian managers and CEO's are the most successful. Perhaps when your success and wealth derives from licensing your name and brand the matrix s different I really don't know.

    Hey, a thought just occurred to me. The 1/2 term governor of Alaska and failed Vice Presidential candidate was quite successful in marketing her brand, for a while. And she endorsed Drumpf. One very good reason to not vote for Drumpf, among many, many others.

  11. I've pondered a lot on Trump's popularity since it seems so irrational.
    But IMO, a lot of the anger about government/rights/establishment that he taps into as a sort of vulgar anger: my right to ignore laws which are inconvenient, my right to take over a wildlife refuge, my right to
    carry an assault rifle into college biology class, my right to benefits
    (but to hell with yours, you lazy bum), my right to force young woman
    to full pregnancy, my right to not have to help her pay for her child,
    my right to trash the environment, my right to twist the constitution
    as it pleases me, my right to send your kid to carpet bomb foreign civilians: finally, my rights are more important than your rights because you aren't real American like me. I can find no other reason
    for the groundswell, sorry to say.

  12. BB-Idaho, I find it equally as sad to be in no position to disagree with a thing you stated. It is remarkable to me that the individuals supporting Trump fail to understand the broad potential ramifications of his xenophobia, nationalism, and bigotry. His demagoguery is something straight out of the 30's and 40's.


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