Monday, March 7, 2016

Sanders Campaign Out Raises Clinton Campain in February... Out Performs In Debate

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Hillary Rodham Clinton who is undergoing FBI investigation over her alleged inappropriate use of her e-mail server to send classified material if facing another serious challenge that could also derail her hopes of being POTUS. In a two words, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is out performing her I raising money and raked in 12 million more than HRC in February. His campaign has gotten traction and he is effectively taking the fight to Hillary.

As me and my better half watched the democratic debate Sunday night we were impressed with Sanders performance (no, my wife did not think Bernie's hush remark was sexist) and came away with a sense that Sanders is both honest and knowledgeable, even though we are not in agreement with some of his agenda. Although we do believe Sanders would be more dedicated to and successful in handling Wall Street and its excesses.

Clinton's campaign is, to say the least, concerned with the growing popularity and interest in Sanders campaign.

Campaign manager Robby Mook issued another panicked email to supporters Monday -
After another weekend of contests, Donald Trump has two more wins, and he’s added to his already formidable lead in the delegate count.

Hillary is the only candidate who can take Trump down, but this primary isn’t over yet. We’re still losing the money race — Bernie’s campaign outraised us by $12 million in February — and even though we picked up delegates, we lost 3 of this weekend’s 4 contests.

We cannot afford to give this nomination away — there’s simply too much at stake.

In stark contrast to the GOP/TeaPublican debate(s) the democratic presidential debate last night was actually a debate.

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  1. So, there you have it. A primary today. I cast my ballot for Bernie. Yeah. there you go....

    1. dmarks voted for "the president from Pyongyang"???

  2. The strategy is that you think Sanders can defeat Trump more handily than Clinton? Or do you believe Clinton will ultimately be indicted?

    I sure as hell know it ain't because you agree with Sanders on much and I'm guessing maybe you see Trump as the evil man he is.

    1. I tend to be more straightforward, RN. Looking at the leading candidates, whatever his flaws (which I think you have described well enough), I prefer Sanders to Trump, Hillary, and yes, Cruz. I disagree with most of his views, yes.

      The rest running have too much of a slim chance to figure into the calculation.

  3. It's really shaping up to be very slim pickings this election cycle. As you obviously know I can not and will not vote for either Trump or Cruz, and I happen to believe Cruz is as bad or worse than Trump. Rubio impresses me not either. Makes many promises and as the folks in Florida know he keeps few.

    Bernie I view as more honest than Clinton (by far) and he is not attached at the hip like Bill was and I suspect Hillary is to a lesser degree. I am not comfortable with their domestic policy statements because frankly I cannot make them add up and balance. I remain a person who is a responsible fiscal conservative that also understands the need for taking are of our people. So I have no idea who I will vote for at this point. It might be Gary Johnson or just not vote at all, something I have NEVER done before.

    1. It might be a record low voter turn out, or the polls awash with fired-up Trumpaloons. Or both.

  4. I will ask you this. Let's say you had to hire someone to work in your company as an accountant or in bookkeeping. Who would you trust to keep the books clean and not embezzle or break tax laws or anything?

    Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

    1. dmarks: I cast my ballot for Bernie.

      WTF? Remember that Bernie Sanders and Kim Jong Un are like "two peas in a pod"? Yet dmarks said, YES, he would like "the president from Pyongyang"?

      dmarks: Who would you trust to keep the books clean and not embezzle or break tax laws or anything?

      Previously my guess would have been that dmarks absolutely would never trust "a greedy thief who is good at plundering". No way, no how. Frankly I find it quite unbelievable that anyone could/would make such a dramatic 180.

    2. Now you consider "a greedy thief who is good at plundering" to be the most trustworthy candidate???


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