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Donald Trump's Vast Unpopularity...

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Donald Trump continues to enthrall his most avid and fervent supporters, regardless of what he says or does. For them he is the American Savior who will Make America Great Again. We can only think he means to so so by taking America back to the idylic 1950's. Especially since he has been very short on specifics and when he occasionally offers some his numbers and logic just don't add up. Putting all that aside, here's some news on The Donald out today.

If Republicans nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, he would be the least popular major party nominee in at least three decades of Washington Post-ABC News polling.

Trump’s unfavorable rating stood at 67 percent — two-thirds of all Americans — in a March Post-ABC poll, including 56 percent who had a “strongly” unfavorable impression of him. Just 3 in 10 had a favorable impression of Trump (15 percent “strongly”).

American politicians tend to be more unpopular than usual these days, but it's hard to overstate how bad Trump's numbers are with all Americans. In fact, Trump’s highly negative ratings appear to have no equal among major party nominees in presidential campaigns over the past 32 years.

The chart below shows the highest unfavorable rating for Democratic and Republican presidential nominees at any point between their campaign launch and the general election.

From Mondale to Trump, highest negative candidate ratings

Highest percent of Americans rating each candidate "unfavorable" during their campaign in Washington Post-ABC News polls.

So, 33% of Americans don't find Trump to be unfavorable. We can only assume they are the angry Americans that likely don't fully understand for sure what they should be angry with, or why.


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The prospect of a Donald J. Trump nomination is accomplishing what a diverse and talented field of Republican presidential contenders could not: uniting the party’s big-money donor establishment.

Some of the wealthiest conservative givers in the country are helping pay for a series of last-ditch attacks to wound Mr. Trump, disclosures filed on Sunday night revealed, even after previously backing rival Republican candidates. And officials involved with the political groups have made clear that they are aggressively raising more money to fight Mr. Trump, hoping to deprive him of enough delegates to win the Republican nomination outright. That would set the stage for a contested convention in July.

Our Principles PAC, a group set up to highlight Mr. Trump’s past liberal positions, took in $4.8 million last month, with a roster of donors that shows it has significantly expanded beyond the Ricketts family, which provided the group’s early funding.

Beyond the Rickettses, who collectively provided another $2 million to the group, Our Principles raised $500,000 from William E. Oberndorf, a California investor who had previously backed Jeb Bush, and $100,000 from Harlan Crow, a Texas real estate developer, who had supported Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Our Principles also raised $1 million from Warren Stephens, an Arkansas investment banker who gave large checks to “super PACs” backing four candidates who have since quit the race.

The stream of new money confirms that the Republican Party’s financial elite — who put hundreds of millions of dollars behind more conventional presidential candidates, only to watch almost all of them falter — believes that a focused and well-financed attack campaign could still halt Mr. Trump in his march toward the party’s nomination.

“You have all these people who backed different candidates, and now they are uniting,” said Brian Baker, a political adviser to the Ricketts family. “These are people who backed Senator Cruz, Governor Kasich, Governor Christie, Senator Rubio — all stripes. And they are all conservatives.”

Mr. Stephens and his brother also gave $2.5 million last month to a super PAC connected to the Club for Growth, a free-market activist group that was one of the first outside organizations to take on Mr. Trump. All told, the group, whose members met last week to discuss how to escalate their efforts against Mr. Trump, raised $4 million in February, three times as much as it had raised any other month this election cycle.


Rubio’s Exit Leaves Trump With an Open Path to 1,237 Delegates

Trump against either a Clinton or Sanders challenger is a liberals dream matchup given Trump's unpopularity among so many.


Via: Memeorandum


  1. You can try to change history as you Libs do all the time, but the facts are right there in the history books for to see, The facts are facts, and you can't change that, and the facts are that Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him. So put that in your pipe and try to smoke it.

    1. Really ? BTW, my pipe
      is exclusively Prince Albert and I remember Joe McCarthy too, the

  2. @ Sandy-Says... To begin with this post had nothing to do with HRC. However, as always, conservatives from the Stench Trench (aka Who's Your Daddy) make their way here to divert attention from the post subject matter. A very common practice among extreme rightwing conservatives. Redirect and deflect, its all you have because you know the subject matter of the post is factual and accurate.

    BTWE, Sandy, it tis the rightwing conservatives that dabble almost exclusively in revisionist history.

    Yes BB-Idaho, Drumpf does remind one of Ole Joseph McCarthy. So does Ceuz who actually has a great physical resemblance to him as well.

  3. I would suggest that if you are going to redirect and deflect, at least use something that is not years old and has not be previously debunked. But then, laziness and stupidity seem to go hand in hand.


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