Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What Trump's 2'nd Place Finish in Iowa Means...

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Nate Silver
provides some interesting insight into what Trump's failing to win the Iowa Caucuses reveals. The analysis, if correct, is heartening for those inclined to a saner world view than the one possessed by The Donald.

It’s not uncommon for the polls to be off in Iowa and other early-voting states, but the manner in which Trump underachieved is revealing. It turns out that few late-deciding voters went for him. According to entrance polls in Iowa, Trump won 39 percent of the vote among Iowans who decided on their candidate more than a month ago. But he took just 13 percent of voters who had decided in the last few days, with Rubio instead winning the plurality of those voters.


Just today 15% 22% 28%
In the last few days 13 27 31
Sometime last week 13 36 27
In the last month 23 32 27
Before that 39 26 13

Source: Iowa Republican Entrance Poll

Hopefully the above is telling us that as the campaign wears on more individuals will determine the Trump narcissism, hyperbole, extreme white nationalism, bigotry, misogyny, and propensity for lying is not for them. At the end of the day playing to fear and paranoia is usually the losing strategy.


Via: Memeorandum

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