Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Palin to Stump for Trump...

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Sarah Palin is back in the news (along with her son Track), right where she loves to be. After sliding into relative obscurity her path to again receiving national media attention was her endorsement of Donald Trump for the republican nomination. Palin will be hitting the campaign trail with The Donald in an effort to boost his support among tea party conservatives.

Trump, being very appreciative of Palin's endorsement made mention that Sarah may find a position in his administration. Hopefully Trump does not have the opportunity to make good on his remark, but in the unlikely event he does let us all hope it is an obscure position in some basement office of the White House.

Hitting the campaign trail today in Tulsa, Oklahoma the former republican VP nominee and half term Governor of Alaska wasted no time in "addressing the elephant in the room" linking her son's arrest for domestic violence to President Obama. “They come back wondering if there is that respect for what their fellow soldiers and airmen and every other member of the military have given so sacrificially to this country, and that starts at the top. It’s a shame that our military personnel even have to question, have to wonder if they’re respected anymore. It starts from the top. The question, though, it comes from the top, the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, ‘Do you know what we go through? Do you know what we’re trying to do to secure America and to secure the freedoms that have been bequeathed us?’”

Of course there is not a trace of evidence that supports Palin's claim and naturally she didn't offer any because it really is just about throwing out the red meat for hers, and Trump's adoring tea party fans. You know, the ones who hate Obama just because... Palin's son Track is possibly suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of his serving in the military. If this be the case, as a veteran Track is entitled to VA benefits and he ought to be seeking the counselling needs to put his life back in order. But for Palin to make her wild illusory comment merely show her willing dishonesty or perhaps real ignorance. In actuality President Obama has done more for Veterans than any president in the past 30 years. There is help for PTSD, however, it appears as though there is no cure for ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome). You can read the full story from Politico BELOW THE FOLD. Via: Memeorandum


  1. Track's problems have nothing to do with the election. I don't think they should even be talked about.

    Palin as a supported of Trump however is great and should be talked about. Think he would pick her as VP? Late night shows would love it. Trump continues to make a mockery out the the US election process.

    The man is a media genius.

  2. Trump continues to make a mockery out of the US election process .

    Indeed. But it isn't just him. He has a supporting cast.

    It would be really funny were it not so pathetic.

    GOP spelled backwards stands for Pathetic Old Grunts.

    As for The Donald being a media genius, yeah, I suppose so.

    1. "As for The Donald being a media genius, yeah, I suppose so."

      So are the Kardashians. It's hardly a compliment. I'm sure Jerry didn't mean it as such either....

  3. LOL. Pathetic Old Grunts, so true!

  4. Stump? Strumpet? Strumpf is the German word for a stocking. Just throwing that out there. My first thought was that he would like to have Palin around the White House for hanky-panky.

    Trump will not choose her as a running mate. For all of his faults, he is not stupid. My guess. He will not declare a running mate. He will wait until he is nominated or possibly elected before he reveals his choice.


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