Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump Nation

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Trump Nation, NOT!

If this dude receives the GOP nomination the republican party will probably get what it deserves. DEFEAT

Should he get the nomination AND the country is foolish enough to elect him president it will get what it deserves. A DIMINISHING DEMCATIC RERUBLIC.


Note: Poll standings are not up to date.

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  1. Watching Trump and his supporters gives me an idea of what it was like to be in Germany in 1933.

    Neo-fascist Trump supporters love him and see nothing wrong with his rhetoric. I watched a group of them being interviewed on CNN this AM and most of them talked about liking his independence; about not taking money from outside sources; about saying what he believes without being PC about it; and about how he said it.

    Not one, that I heard, said anything about his ideas on deporting 11 million Latinos and their American children; about taking back jobs from China and Mexico; or about making Muslims register, carry IDs, or banning them from coming into the U.S. I didn't hear them discuss those ideas, only HOW he talked and presented them. They like the sound and fury of what Trump says, but they apparently don't understand at all what it signifies.

  2. The dumbing down of America is accelerating. Often brought up and talked about by GOP pundits (who always cast blame on liberals) the "Rise of Trump" is further evidence this is indeed happening.

    I believe more and more with each passing week that the GOP/conservative activists knew precisely what they were talking about; they just deflected responsibility away from themselves and onto their adversaries.

    I see there are some in Israel that want to bar Trump(s) from entering their country.
    Kudos to Israel if those who are attempting this are successful.

    Trump will absolutely receive the notoriety he craves and must have to balloon his already GIANT diseased ego even larger than it already is. Thankfully though he won't be elected to the presidency.

    Maybe he will attempt to stage a coup though. {(;-)>


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