Monday, December 14, 2015

Political News From France...

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BBC - France's far-right National Front (FN) has failed to win a single region in the second round of municipal polls.

The party was beaten into third place, despite leading in six of 13 regions in the first round of voting a week ago.

The centre-right Republicans finished ahead of President Francois Hollande's governing Socialist Party.


Analysis: BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris

There can be no hiding that the results of the elections are a big personal blow to Marine Le Pen.

She has lost the chance to govern a region and show the world that her party is serious. She has been reminded that however strongly the FN performs, the gates of power remain tightly closed.

But in a way that suits her fine.

Because what it all means is that nothing in France has changed. The two main parties continue sharing out the goodies (in this case deliberately conniving to keep hers as well).

Meanwhile unemployment rises; terror stalks; the grim insurrectionary mood continues to spread.

Ms Le Pen's prospects for power may be limited, but her appeal is as strong as ever for France's growing numbers of disgruntled and disaffected.

That French "ouf" of relief? It's also the noise you make when you get a fist in the abdomen.

Quite similar in many respects to what is likely to be the outcome in the 2016 USA general elections. A stiff gut punch and right uppercut to the GOP conservatives as the middle again calls the shots.

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  1. Too bad there is no middle on the left.

  2. Lets see, left... center... right.

    If there is no middle (center) on the left then it would logically follow there is no (middle) center on the righr as well.

    This leads to the only middle (center) then is, the middle (center).

    Now, since everyone knows (almost everyone anyway) that there exists degrees of direction from near left (close to center) all the way to extreme left (far from center), with the same existing on the right your statement is flawed Lisa. It is simple hyperbole.

    Apparently you don't understand the concept of political left... center... right, or the reality that a large number of folks hold views that fall at various poinrs across the political spectrum.

    So I can only conclude Lisa that you and your fellow travelers on the right have no middle.

  3. My cat, Felix Underfoot, speaks only one word ("Meow") but derives a full range of meaning depending upon context ... in front of the pantry, the refrigerator, the kitchen sink, the litter box, or hiding beneath a table. Most creatures can discern a full scale of color and meaning between extremes of BLACK versus WHITE.

    Just when I thought Lisa was capable of counting beyond TWO, she/he/it disappointed again. Just TWO, not THREE, as she quibbles over the meaning of CENTER between LEFT and RIGHT without nuance, subtlety, complexity, or shades of grey. What a dreary high contrast world she/he/it lives in. Nope, Lisa still can't count to two, or tie her shoe.

  4. You might be right about Lisa not being able to tie her shoes. Which could account for her apparent challenge with higher levels of cognition. Not being able to tie her shoes would likely result in constant tripping over them, followed by a fall. She may have hit her head on the floor or pavement numerous times causing possible blunt trauma to the brain.

  5. "She may have hit her head on the floor or pavement numerous times causing possible blunt trauma to the brain."

    Or Lisa has a congenital "delayed synapse response" since birth. Simply stated: You accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer, but it takes weeks or months for the brain to register the pain and the "ouch" to emerge from your lips. In extreme cases, the "ouch" is never registered at all resulting in spongiform brain trauma -- an incurable condition marked by severe sociopathy.


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