Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Donald Facing Criticism For Remarks That Seem To Support Special Data Bases And Identification Of Muslims...

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Donald Trump's response to a reporter's question concerning his position on how the United States should consider handling Muslims has created quite a furor in both political parties and the media. The Donald's response to the reporter was, as he is often wont to do, not very specific, in fact is was as vague as hell.

MSNBC is s news network not often linked to on this weblog as it can often be as partisan as FOX News. Having said that, Rachel Maddow did a seven minute segment on the Trump controversy that was reasonable and balanced. It is proper that on a matter as critical as domestic security, civil and human rights that a candidate's position on such matters is clearly understood.

Follow this link to the video segment during which Maddow pressed the issue, highlighting the The Donald lack of specifics.

Of course The Donald is trying to walk back his remarks by attempting to place responsibly (blame) on the reporter who asked the questions.

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  1. I saw that Maddow link on an internet news site and watched it. Maddow was careful in questioning the NBC reporter who questioned Trump on his idea for a data base for Muslims. She wanted to be absolutely sure the NBC reporter was clear to Trump on what his questions were. The reporter assured Maddow that Trump definitely knew what he was saying -- yes, Trump would implement a registry for American Muslims.

    This won't hurt Trump's poll numbers, and he'll continue to be the front runner. The Rabid Right doesn't see anything wrong with violating the Constitution when it comes to dealing with Muslims -- as Trump's illegal plans demonstrate. In any other time in our history, Trump would be seen as an anti-American screwball, but the Rabid Right loves his rhetoric and anti-Muslim rants.

    We've also witnessed how the Rabid Right wets their undies over the idea of Syrian orphans infiltrating American and planning jihad against America -- but they have no problem with having people on their blogs advocate for the murder of America's president. That is terrorism against the sovereignty of this country and the sort of terrorism that they find perfectly acceptable. IOW, they have lost all credibility on anything to do with the security of this nation. People who accept and advocate for the assassination of a US president should be shunned and shown to be what they truly are:

  2. The man has revealed himself to be merely a paper tiger with feet of clay living in a straw house of cards that had cried 'wolf' once too often.

  3. There has long been an unethica,l and as you say a rabid right. The John Birch Society and Joseph McCarthy just to name a couple.

    With the internet and the perceived anonymity it provides treasonous and dangerous a*shats like Mal and his fellow travelers are emboldened to spew their hate and threats.

    The dangers we face from within by the Idiots is growing I fear. They have lost all sense of what it means to be a patriotic and liberty loving America.

  4. ".....has created quite a furor in both political parties..."

    There's an alternate spelling to the word in the middle which is quite relevant to the issue of destroying the Constitution by demanding registration and instituting an Inquisition against those who profess a certain faith.


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