Wednesday, November 4, 2015

From the Dregs of Rightwing Blogistan...

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Found at FreeThinke. It is clear from the comment below the proprietor is far from being a Freethinker. Rather he is one who believes firmly in orthodoxy, the orthodoxy that resists change and demands blind allegiance to the orthodoxy of conservatism and the the past. In all actuality he is a reactionary that advocates and supports bigotry and an agenda totally Un-American in scope. Weblogs such as FreeThinke clearly demonstrates what real Americans must fight against if they are to preserve the kind of society and social order the majority of Americans want.

DEBONAIR DUDE POSTED THIS at WHO'S YOUR DADDY. I think it's worth repeating here, (gently modified, of course ;-)

The Debonair Dudes World November 4, 2015 at 6:45 AM

Do the Democrats hate Ben Carson because he is black? Or Do the Democrats hate Ben Carson because he is just too smart to belly up to their nonsense?

I actually think that the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives ,and all the other left-leaning people with mental disorders and their sycophants in the media attack and lie about Ben Carson because he is a black man who doesn't follow their orders.

This is the real reason he is being attacked. They hate him because was a man who grew up poor in bad neighborhoods and became a world-renowned brain surgeon of superlative capability. He proves that you don't need the Slave Masters of the Left to become successful.

The subversives in the media, as well as the official Democratic Hate groups, with their Blogs, their Facebooks and what have you will be running 24/7 to supply and magnify all the lies, distortions, and propaganda the Hillary Faithful can dig up –– or make up.

Ben Carson is proving the truth that we Conservatives already knew that the oldest American hate group in America (the Democrat party) has never really changed.

The leftists are scared to death that Republicans will elect a Black man and therefore put all their nonsense about Republicans being inherently bigoted against people of color to bed once and for all.

But just wait, now that Dr, Carson has taken the lead in the polls away from Donald Trump who they have worked to destroy, the ding-a-lings will go to work with their VICIOUS LIES about Ben Carson. After all, how dare he as Black man not be on the Democrat Plantation?

Wouldn’t a Donald Trump-Ben Carson combination make a great ticket, as well as a nightmare for Hillary Clinton –– Or would a Carson-Fiorina ticket be a bigger nightmare for her?

Let's see, Obama was a community organizer and won by a landslide, while Ben was only a world renowned brain surgeon. How will the astonishingly ill-informed act on that revelation?

So, if you ever wonder what freedom and liberty loving individuals need prepare themselves to fight against the above is it.


  1. I think the "Ignore" button is more effective than wasting time on gibberish. You can't talk to a howler monkey, so why bother. When we speak among ourselves, we are preaching to the choir. What will make a difference? Vote! Get active in your community. Find the unaffiliated voter, the independents, the people who haven't made up their minds: Talk to these people and share your concerns.

  2. The relative anonymity of blogistan provides a fertile environment for howler monkeys and preaching to the choir. After six plus years it certainly is clear that preaching to the choir, as well as sitting in the choir
    for some, crosses all ideologies and parties
    It makes it clear, certainly to me anyway, that even
    while becoming more advanced and sophisticated as
    a society we remain tribal in many ways displaying all
    the characteristics of tribalism.

    Unfortunately the value of compromise has been lost
    on a very large segment of society and for them the
    only thing is to win all. Their winner take all attitudes
    makes it clear the oppresive tyranny of their ideology
    is what they desire and wish to force upon us all.

    Voting has been a 45 year privilege and responsibility
    for me, and I have been active during a earlier period of my life. Voting will continue but as sunset approaches activity is directed elsewhere.

  3. Compromise is th keystone of democracy. "Winner-take-all" is tyranny.

    1. Indeed it is Jerry.

      I've always been puzzled that both political extremes reference liberty for the people yet trade in absolute tyranny.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The commenter you reference in your post believes that writing down what Dr. Carson says -- his actual words from his own mouth -- is "attacking" him and "lying" about him. Once you realize that is The Debonair Dud's thinking process, you should walk away from his rants, after having a good belly laugh. The people who post at FT's and Lisa's blog have had no problem calling Mrs. Obama an ape, or calling Mr. Obama a "jig." Even the "refined" FT has made fun of the Obama children's looks. And now that we quote Kindly Dr. Carson's ridiculous statements, they believe we're being racist.

    Has anyone here on on any liberal blog wondered if Mrs. Carson picks fleas out of her tail as she walks on her hind legs? That's the sort of racist slime Lisa allows on her blog and FT hangs out there with nary a word about it. See, in their pinched little minds it's not racism when they call the POTUS "Obongo," or the "N" word, or Mrs. Obama a gorilla, they're just telling the truth and eschewing "political correctness."

    But quoting Kindly Dr. Carson's nonsensical statements: "America is just like Nazi Germany," "Darwin was influenced by Satan when he wrote about Evolution;" and now the latest from Kindly Dr. Carson, that a Biblical figure built the great pyramids of Egypt to store wheat. Quoting him means we're racist and haters.

    Look if you haven't noticed by now, Lisa and her friends all "went funny in their heads" a long time ago, and that's why stupid rants like the one The Debonair Dud posted and FT hosted are all they've got left to express their frustrations.

    I guess they've given up eating paste and sticking forks in their eyes.

  6. You summed it up pretty damn well Shaw.


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