Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dr, Carson's Oversized Ego...

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WOW, the amazing ego of kindly Dr. Benjamin Carson!


Via: Memeorandum


  1. That's simply creepy. It doesn't take much imagination to portend what the right would have said, were this the accoutrements of Obama's Chicago home.

    1. Certainly it wouldn't. They already talk of Obama and his wife as gorillas, the first lady picking fleas from her tail, and running all sorts of unflattering and frankly racist pictures with they asshole comments.

      One can only imagine. not that any sane person would want to.

  2. Will correct and finish my comment later. The iPad is acting up.

  3. The painting of Dr. Carson with Jesus is quite telling. It says volumes about Carson's outsized ego. In the painting, Carson is in the foreground and Jesus is in the background. That says a lot about where Carson believes he stands vs. Jesus. Plus, who but an egomaniac put paintings of himself with Jesus Christ patting him on the back on their wall?

    Remember how the TeaBaggers insisted that Obama saw himself as a Messiah? Really. Where was Obama's painting of himself with Jesus Christ in the background? Everything the TeaBaggers criticized Obama for is embarrassingly evident in their newest hero: Lack of any executive experience; a wife who isn't a runway model; sees himself as Jesus Christ's equal, at least as it's evident in the painting.

    President Obama made a blooper by speaking of "57" states, and the TeaBaggers still quote that as proof that Obama is a Muslim or too stupid to know there are only 50 states. Compare that blooper with Carson's idiotic musings about the Egyptian pyramids, climate change, gays, the Jews not defending themselves against the German army, and all the other irrational statements he's made.

    They insist it's the "enemedia" out to "get him," when in fact it is his veru own weird, wacko ideas and words that are doing the job quite nicely on their own.

  4. Indeed Shaw. All you noted is true, but of course the looney ones of which you speak lack the capacity to see themselves and their own absurdities.

  5. To repeat here what I said earlier at Shaw’s place, I am NOT entirely comfortable with CNN’s critique of Carson’s childhood recollections. Yes, those recollections are flawed, but do they rise to the level of outright lies or reveal a fundamental character flaw? Obama’s biography was flawed too. Shall we employ a double standard?

    The problem here is that most childhood recollections are likely to be flawed and imperfect … no matter who makes them. Shall we assail one person’s character, but not the other; both, or neither?

    Does a troubled childhood disqualify the adult as a candidate? Frankly, this idea goes against the American grain. An Army recruitment slogan says: “Be all you can be.” Raising oneself up from hard scrabble beginnings is part of the American Ethos.

    I can overlook a troubled childhood, but I cannot overlook a fundamental hypocrisy: Carson’s antipathy towards affirmative action that aided him along his path to becoming a neurosurgeon. To acknowledge the benefits he received but subsequently dismiss these same benefits to the next generation of disadvantaged youth smacks of hypocrisy. This, however, is not the focus of CNN’s criticism.

    Far more concerning to me are these: Carson’s statements on religious litmus tests (which violate the letter and spirit of the Constitution), playing the Hitler card and leveling malicious accusations without evidence in the same manner as Joseph McCarthy; his willingness to leverage the power of the purse and control academic freedom and free speech. These are the words of an authoritarian, a demagogue, and an aspiring despot; not my cup of Tea Party.

    Overall, I consider him a CRANK and an ECCENTRIC unfit for public office, but I am not willing to go overboard with slash-and-burn character assassination and overblown rhetoric. Give the man his due and hope he makes himself irrelevant … real soon.

  6. It's true that people's memories of what actually happened in the past become less and less accurate as they age. But in Ben Carson's case, he has been repeating these heroic stories about himself for years, and these stories are an essential part of how he attained his successes. One would think that some fact-checking would have been done over the years to validate his claims, since it would have been very easy, as has been shown by various fact-checking organizations, to determine the accuracy of his claims.

    Now that his stories are being challenged for their accuracy, Dr. Carson has become combative and shown an angry side of his personality. Interesting.

    I agree with (O)CT(O)PUS in that his positions on Affirmative Action and requiring religious tests for holding political office are far more offensive. When taken all together though: his inflated stories about his youthful heroism and achievements, his weird beliefs about the pyramids, Evolution, and the Jews and the German army, it certainly shows an eccentric mind that should be nowhere near the levers of power.


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