Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Quick Debate Night Recap...

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It looks like more likely GOP primary voters may just be starting to coalesce behind Marco Rubio. Trump, with his stern face and nothing other than what we've repeatedly heard from his pompous bloviating mouth, and Dr. Carson, who seems half asleep at times as well as having some really weird ideas, may very well have peaked and are staring the slow slide down. It is highly questionable Rubio is the right man for the job there is little doubt Rubio is more articulate and a better debater than either of the other two. So is Ted Cruz for that matter.

Last night's GOP debate summarized in two minutes.

Wall Street Journal - Donald Trump and Marco Rubio won Tuesday’s night primetime Republican debate, according to an overnight poll of Internet users who watched the contest, but Mr. Trump came out as the favorite among Republicans and left the best impression about his ability to serve as president.

Some 24% of debate-viewers named Mr. Trump and 23% picked Mr. Rubio as the winner of the eight-candidate event, which was sponsored by the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson followed, with 13% declaring each to have won.

Mr. Trump’s lead in the Internet survey was larger among debate-watchers who said they’d vote in a Republican primary.
Among those GOP voters, Mr. Trump was declared the winner by 28%, with 23% naming Mr. Rubio. Mr. Cruz followed, with 16%, while Mr. Carson had 14%.

Other candidates were in single digits among GOP voters: Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina were named the winner by 7% of GOP debate-viewers, while Jeb Bush had 3% and John Kasich 2%.

Footnote: John Kasich for my money was the most reasonable and sensible in the room last night. Which is likely why he is lowest in the post debate polling and likely won't be going anywhere. Except maybe making an exit.


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