Thursday, October 1, 2015

Two Law Enforcement Officers Get Their Just Dues...

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Orlando Sentinel - Screaming in pain with a ruptured spleen that would have to be removed in an emergency surgery, Robert Liese cried out for medical attention 35 times in a downtown Orlando holding cell.

He was laying on the ground with his hands and feet bound.

Despite an Orlando police officer hearing Liese's pleas for help, he was ignored for nearly two hours.

For their actions, or lack of actions, Orlando police Officer Peter Delio and Sgt. William Faulkner were fired from the department on Wednesday.

The incident unfolded on Aug. 12, 2014, when Liese, 41, was arrested along Orange Avenue for allegedly not paying a $60 bar tab and taken to a substation on Washington Avenue.

An apparently drunk and handcuffed Liese broke a glass window on a cell door after he banged his head on it.

Delio walked into the cell and allegedly kneed Liese in the abdomen so hard that it ruptured his spleen.

Faulkner also did not respond to Liese's request for medical assistance for 90 minutes, according to his termination letter.

Attorney William Ruffier, who is suing the city on behalf of Liese, said he was surprised by the firings because Police Chief John Mina said in a recent deposition that he didn't think Delio assaulted his client.

"I think it's something they should have been doing a long time ago," Ruffier said. "If they had done that a long time ago and said 'this is not acceptable behavior' then they wouldn't be having the problems they are now having."

Mina said he wasn't interested in getting into a back and forth about a civil lawsuit.

"Bottom line, Delio has been charged criminally and he and Faulkner were both terminated," he said in an email Wednesday.

When law enforcement activity involves sadistic brutal treatment of a detained individual it is proper that the officer or officers guilty of such treatment receive capital punishment in the form of job loss. In addition they should be barred in every jurisdiction in the nation from serving in a law enforcement capacity again. Period. Anywhere.

Officer Termination Letters.

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  1. Not much controversy on this one, among commenters, I would think.

    I am reminded of an incident of police malfeasance, and a pro cop person defending the police. In regards to the claim that cops should not be above the law, this person said that they actually should.

  2. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: The majority of cops are good men and women. What gives them a bad reputation is the good cops staying silent and protecting the bad cops. All priests are not pedophiles, but the pedophile priests have blackened the reputation of priests in the Catholic Church.

    A shout-out to one of Boston's Finest who gave me a helping hand last week! Officer Rodriguez, you rock!

    1. Ack. However, those officers that react and act as the two in this instance did must be met with severe consequences.

      The good cop who remains silent is an enabler and bears partial responsibility for what I believe is criminal behaviour.


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