Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Truth Bears Repeating...


  1. This is old news, but you are right. It bears repeating and repeating and repeating...

  2. That's why I posted this. Of course the hard core rightists will certainly ignore the truth of this. They are not interested in truth, only what they want to hear.

  3. I watched from end to end. quite interesting. I long ago jumped off the Limbaugh and Hannity clown train, and I never was on the Beck train (one of the first things I learned about him was his lengthy rant calling for the murder of Michael Moore).

  4. I do not recall the particular rant you refer to dmarks, but like all demagogues Beck demagogues it well.

    Bigger pictures, these charlatans bark for the highest bidder. There is a seemingly unlimited supply of dullards who hang in their every scripted word.

    1. I don't think it is off topic, as Beck is one of the pictured stooges.

      the transcript reflects the video I have seen.

    2. Interesting link dmarks - thank you for providing it. What this shows, I think, is that Media Matters is a good site to go to for those seeking the truth. As I recall, someone on this board said that those who charge into a conversation saying "this is what I read on Media Matters" look every bit as foolish as those who say "I heard Rush say...". But they don't realize it. Obviously dmarks is with me in disagreeing with this sentiment.

    3. It depends on what they are doing. Any such site.... newsbusters, Media Matters, and indeed Rush, etc deserves extreme skepticism, especially in regards to editorials masked as news. Finding anything good in such sites can happen, but it is like finding diamonds in an Arkansas mud pit.

      In this case, I was familiar with what Beck said, and was thus able to fact check their specific transcript. And it turned out be valid.

      What "someone on this board" supposedly said actually has nothing at all to do with Glenn Beck or the others in the actual topic.

      Next time, I will just paste the actual transcript. Without mentioning the source. That will be less likely to cause irrelevant excitements.


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