Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why the Trump Campaign Will Fail...

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the Donald, aka Trump the Rump

The Donald, while leading the republican field of presidential candidates has negative numbers almost as high as his positive numbers. Trump, appealing to the anti immigration crowd and those with a general extreme dislike for the established order in general, has tapped into the negativity that drives the Tea Party and conservative/reactionary movement.

Trump will ultimately fail, as will the movement that has propelled him to national political attention.

reason .com  does an exemplary job explaining the Trump campaign strategy.  It is defines why  ultimately it is destined to failure. A very good thing for America.

To the extent that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is about any actual issue, it is about opposition to immigration. Trump has, among other things, proposed deporting 11 million unauthorized immigrants currently in the United States, expressed support for reducing legal immigration levels, jeered at immigrant “anchor babies,” and called for an end to birthright citizenship, even though it is constitutionallyrequired.
Trump’s slogan, the catchall phrase that binds his scattershot campaign together, is “Make This Country Great Again.” In combination with his immigration platform, the clear implication of the slogan is that America has, over the years, become a not great place, and immigrants are at least one reason—perhaps the primary reason—why.
Nativism is at the core of Donald Trump’s campaign; it is one of the keys to his appeal. And amongst his supporters and admirers, that aggressive nativism often shades into outright racism.
You can find these expressions of racism in quotes from Trump’s supporters gathered by reporters following the candidate on the trail.
Here, for example, is what one 53-year-old Trump supporter from Alabama recently told The New York Times he hoped the candidate would say at a rally:

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  1. For another view... check out Peggy Noonan's column... she's not ready to give him the 10 count.

  2. I sure hope it fails. Off to read Dave Miller's link...

  3. Here, for example, is what one 53-year-old Trump supporter from Alabama recently told The New York Times he hoped the candidate would say at a rally:

    Bounties for brown people killed trying to cross our border? If this guy is a typical Trump supporter... there are a lot of crazy people in America.


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