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Firearms In America... It Is Time For Action

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America, a "civilized" modern industrial nation highly values the right of it's civilian population to own and keep firearms.

The founding fathers and citizens  of a  fledgling nation, some 228 years ago, insured that the right of the people to keep and bear arms  would not be infringed.  Our right to firearm ownership is guaranteed  by the 2'nd Amendment to our constitution.

 United States of America has the highest rate of firearm violence among industrialized nations. It also has the highest rate of firearm ownership in the world/.

The data is chilling and anyone with a modicum of common sense and thinking rationally knows we have a problem and that our present patchwork system of managing firearm purchase and ownership is failing us.

Follow are just the highlights as outlined in VOX.

America has six times as many firearm homicides as Canada, and 15 times as many as Germany. 

America has 4.4 percent of the world's population, but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world

Police are more likely to be killed in homicides in states with more guns

Support for gun ownership has sharply increased since the early '90s

High-profile shootings don't appear to lead to more support for gun control

But specific gun control policies are fairly popular

America has a firearm problem and sanity demands we take action to  address it.

This site supports the right to own firearms for hunting, target practice, competitive shooting, and defense against home invasions. It also supports reasonable and uniform firearm regulations, including thorough background checks and waiting (or cooling off) periods as well as firearm registration. Regulations ought to be the same across all 50 states ad they should be strictly enforced.

It is past time for American politicians to stop ignoring this issue and kicking the can down the road any further. It is high time for action, it is time to tell the NRA to STFU, to start acting responsibly and in the interest of the American people. In other words screw the firearm manufacturers and their profit motives.

Be sure to click on one of the VOX links and study the graphs. Data is informative, analyzing the data and graphs will lead one to the only logical conclusion.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Like most things statistics can support whatever opinion the author holds. We need enforcement of the laws on the books not more laws. That holds with most things. Illegal immigrants, gun possession. even drunk driving.

    Suicides are down from guns but up from knives. I do think the NRA has gone to far but you cannot buy a gun from a dealer without a background check. Most murders are from illegal gun owners but most stabbings, they legally own the knife.

  2. I am advocating LESS laws skudrunner not more.

    Facts and data are what they are... FACTS and DATA. Not opinions.

    It is time folks start putting aside their old worn out paradigms and expand their vision. It is the 21st century and thin gs have changed in case you haven't noticed.

    What is needed IMO is a scraping of the myriad patchwork of state laws and regulations and replace them all with a national set of regulations that is effective and codify them in law nationwide. Then all gun manufactures, dealers, sporting outlets, law enforcement, courts, and etc are working with the same "playbook".

    But hey, Americans are EXCEPTIONAL, right? Sometimes we can be exceptionally stupid as well.;

  3. "Regulations ought to be the same across all 50 states..."

    In other words, Federal regulations with Federal enforcement.

    1. Federal regs with federal training of state and local law enforcement officials. State and local communities should retain some autonomy with respect to active enforcement but the regs and registration should be uniform. As should the law with respect to sentencing. for criminal activity.

    2. Sounds good to me, but probably too sane for the crazies.

    3. Jerry, a set of consistent policies and laws across the country ain't never gonna make it past the conservatives in this country.

      It's the same issue with voter registration... I think most libs would be okay with universal ID for voting, if we had a single federal standard voter ID card, like is used in many other countries.

      But both of those would require the involvement of the FEDS and we know where that is headed.

      Skud... your credibility just dropped a ton in my book. Your comment calling President Obama our "First almost black president" was way beneath you, serving only to increase your popularity with the conservative wackos.

      While I support your right to say it, it was offensive, uncalled for, racist in nature and, more importantly, incorrect.

      And I responded here simply because you left a comment here and I refuse to comment at a site that allows and encourages racist trolling in the name of improving America.

    4. Yeah, waiting for Trump the Rump and Cruz the Dude to weigh in. No doubt their position is that of the NRA (National Rump Association).

    5. David,

      Why are facts offensive to you and that is fact. As to firearm registration, one law for all is what is needed. Not sure why you even state conservatives would oppose uniform voter registration. That is like saying they oppose enforcing all laws in the country. It is the left that supports ignoring laws to further their cause.

      As to my remark on presbo. I would hate to see the riots and presbo press conferences if the two reporters were minorities. His only remark was we need to control gun violence.

    6. Why are facts offensive to you and that is fact.

      What in hell are you talking about skudrunner? Your opinion is not necessarily a fact. Certainly when you have nothing credible to back it up with.

    7. Skud... facts? What did you mean by the "first almost black president?

  4. No argument from me on what you've posted. We have the most firearms in circulation on the planet and the most deaths from firearms on the planet.

    Study: States with more gun laws have less gun violence

    U.S. states with most gun laws have far fewer gun deaths, study shows

    "In the dozen or so states with the most gun-control laws, gun death rates were 42% lower than in states with fewer laws. The results are based on an analysis of 2007-2010 gun-related homicides and suicides by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

    But cities with strict gun laws often have high rates of deaths by firearms because very often surrounding cities and nearby states have very lax gun control.laws.

  5. There is never a reason to bash a President... or anyone, for that matter... for their race. Dave called this one correctly. There's an adjective for people like that. To put it mildly, such "arguments" only feed the impression that there is not much distance, between the KKK and conservatives.

  6. Here is some more facts about guns and deaths.

    1. You gave VOX a triple link. Hopefully everybody that reads this hits one of the three. Lots of informative data.

    2. Wow! How did I do that? Let's try this link to see if I can hit only the article on gun violence.

  7. skud: His only remark was we need to control gun violence."

    Dammit, skud. This is why people get angry at what you write. President Obama said this:

    The Latest: Obama Calls TV Shooting Heartbreaking
    MONETA, Va. — Aug 26, 2015, 10:56 PM ET

    You lose credibility when you give an opinion and state it as though it were fact. You thought all President Obama said about the recent shooting was something about gun control when, in fact, he said the shooting was heartbreaking. Your opinion is that the POTUS wasn't empathetic because the two people who were shot were white, and you wondered what the president would have said had they been black. Black or white, what happened IS heartbreaking, the president said it was, and you, in a cheap shot at Mr. Obama, play the race card.


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