Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cruz Aligned With Trump On the 14th Amendment...

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Senator Cruz is on board with The Donald in challenging the 14th Amendment in court. With the heightened political concern over illegal aliens, aka undocumented immigrants, and The Donald making immigration and walls a centerpiece of his campaign we will undoubtedly be hearing a lot about this in coming months. After the election? Who knows, the can has been kicked down the road for so long it is hard to imagine something actually getting done in Washington on the issue.

With Cruz praising The Donald at almost every opportunity is it possible there is an alliance forming? The thought has crossed mind that in the unlikely event The Donald receives the GOP nomination Cruz just might be the VP pick. Certainly plausible. There is a long way to go however and things can change quickly in this game.
 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Wednesday that he "absolutely" supports ending birthright citizenship, suggesting that has been his position for years.

"Absolutely. We should end granting automatic birthright citizenship to the children of those who are here illegally," Cruz, who is running for president, said during an interview with the Michael Medved Show. "That has been my position from the very first day of my running for the Senate."

Cruz's comments come after Donald Trump's immigration policy proposal has sparked a debate among Republican presidential candidates and forced the issue into the media spotlight. The plan, released by Trump on Sunday, called for building a wall along the southern border and changing the 14th Amendment to end so-called guaranteed citizenship to those born inside the United States.

Cruz, who has repeatedly praised Trump throughout his presidential campaign, said Wednesday that the businessman and 2016 frontrunner is "forcing the mainstream media to talk about issues they don't want to talk about."


Via: Memeorandum 


  1. You can't change the 14th amendment. You need a new one like we did with alcohol. Trump and Cruz area simply pandering to the stupid. Cruz is cruising for the VP slot.

    1. Yeah, explain that to The Donald and his expert attorneys.

      They may be considering the stupid but more and more folks are listening. Unfortunately.

    2. Trump and his attorneys know. It is "The Stupids" that need educating.

  2. Reading stuff here and there that Rand Paul is similar to these two, when it comes to the 14th Amendment. If true, that is one of the ways that Mr. Paul disappoints.

    Jerry, I think that the 14th Amendment is one of the most important ones, and should not be changed, amended (by replacement with a future amendment that nullifies it), nor "interpreted" in a way that guts it.


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