Monday, August 31, 2015

Creeping Political Correctness With Discipline For Students Who Do Not Knuckle Under...

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Political correct speech has held great popularity in some institutions of higher learning for quite some time. Enforced indoctrination is now on college campuses. Thought police are likely not far behind. "1984" (George Orwell's classic novel) may be soon to follow.

Washington State students risk a failing grade in one course if they use any common descriptors professor considers “oppressive and hateful language.

In another class, students will lose one point every time they use the words “illegal alien” or “illegals” rather than the preferred terms of “‘undocumented’ migrants/immigrants/persons.”

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  1. Donald Trump thinks "political correctness" is a big problem. This is something RN and Trump are in agreement on?

  2. On this, yes.

    Now, let your imagination go into high gear.

  3. Trump said it was due to the problem of political correctness that people objected when he said most illegal immigrants are rapists and Megyn Kelly was on her period when she questioned him. This is NOT something I'd side with Trump on. Even if I thought political correctness was a problem, which I do not. While I have no idea why RN believes it is... for the most part I think "political correctness" is a term racists, bigots and misogynists hide behind.

  4. Think whatever you wish. It matters not to me that you equate what I said to worst possible motives. It is what you do.

    My discussion with you on this post is closed.

  5. Quite related to this our recent accounts and discussions about how comedians are censored and harassed at college campuses. I assume you probably already know all this, RN
    I use the term "illegal alien" because it is the most accurate. The two alternatives mentioned in this article are very vague in meaning and mangle the English language....and I happen to be more pro-immigration than just about anyone.

    There are many terms that are actually pejorative for these people. "Illegal alien" is not one of them.

  6. The person himself or herself isn't illegal, only their action of crossing our border without permission. That is what the objection is. As for being "pro-immigration", I'd label that "pro" as pro-slave-wage, as more workers competing for the same jobs tends to drive wages down. Personally I see this "pro-immigration" view as extremely anti-immigrant.

    "Undocumented" isn't vague at all. The person in question does not have citizenship documents. And I bet you could find a lot of undocumented people who would say "illegal alien" is a pejorative. Also, not "most accurate", but actually least accurate, as "in a country that believes in due process of the law, calling an immigrant illegal is akin to calling a defendant awaiting trial a criminal". Hasn't dmarks declared he believes in due process on a number of occasions? (Oops, I might be venturing into "old bones" territory by acknowledging that the past exists and that dmarks has made comments in it).

  7. As for political correctness, it is much more often what racists and bigots promote, with theories of white privilege, patriarchy, and "micro aggressions."
    As for slave wages, it is also insulting to smear immigrants as slaves. I checked the states with the most immigrants vs wages in these states. There is actually a trend toward states with more immigrants having higher wages than those with fewer immigrants. The anti-immigration, nativism view is just not supported by demographics, even if it feels good to those who fear "the other".

    This will be my last comment in this item, in keeping with the spirit of the blog host's rules and with the host's many many requests. I've made my points in opposition to immigrant bashing. I will of course consider commenting in new items about the subject, in terms of that new subject and not to please anyone by continuing a grudge match comments in several posts.

    This is, after all, "Rational Nation", not the personal axe - grinding whetstone of grudgy visitors.

    1. That's OK, dmarks. You've got your doublespeak talking points out. YOUR immigrant bashing is actually "opposition to immigrant bashing" and my "smearing" (pointing out the truth re our plutocrats) is "insulting to... immigrants"... as if immigrants like being wage slaves.

      Racists and bigots discount the truth of white privilege, patriarchy, and micro aggressions. dmarks is fine with "the other" so long as our plutocrats can benefit by stealing the fruits of their labor.

    2. dmarks, I think Dervish sees bigot or a racist behind every tree, even when there isn't one there.

      I do agree oligarchs and plutocrats, often one in the same are destroying our democratic republic.Unlike the concept of long term rational self interest the opt for short term purely selfish gain and to hell with the rest of the country. Thankfully the represent a minority albeit a influencial and powerful minority. The challenge is to take the country back from them and put it in the stewardship of the middle class.

  8. Well, another comment. I am pro-immigrant on just about every issue. To accuse me of ever immigrant - bashing is a smear; just as bashing independent un-owned immigrants as being slaves in any way is a smear too. Slavery (and any abused hyperbolic adjectives related to it) has nothing to do with them the vast majority of immigrants (illegals and legal too), while it does apply to the human trafficking situation.

    I will also always discount the careless bigotry ( not "truth") contained in the politically correct ideas of patriarchy, micro-aggressions, and profiling anyone by race for any reason (including all whites as being's no more defensible as profiling all blacks as criminals). This is because I am more consistent than some.

    RN, I am on-board with what you say as it pertains to actual plutocrats, and look forward to what you say as campaign finance issues manifest themselves in the next 14 months. Such information is much more valid coming from someone without total statist ideology. As long as you keep in mind Ayn Rand (and I know you will), I know you aren't a collectivist and are concerned with policies' impact on individuals and their rights.

  9. I am on-board with what you say as it pertains to actual plutocrats.

    You're referring to school board members and mom and pop small business owners? As I recall, someone referred to these individuals as "plutocrats"... and that someone was NOT me. I therefore am assuming it must have been dmarks.

    1. No, I am referring to what RN said here, and only what was said here. Not to any one of a list of dead horses that one might be willing to trot out at a moments notice based on any slight tangential connection.

      Since the blog host knows best ( it's his blog, after all) I will leave it up to him if he wants to go down this rabbit hole.


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