Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Senator Rand Paul Saying It Exactly Right...

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For every self aware, rational, and understanding individual the Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of human bondage and racism. It has no place anywhere in a modern civilized nation, save a museum of history... PERIOD. While there are those who continue to deny it is racist and talk about heritage, honor, and even religion the saner and much more honest know the truth and we will continue to press the truth until even the most disillusioned can no longer deny it with a straight face.

Note what Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had to say on the subject:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he believes the Confederate battle flag is “inescapably a symbol of human bondage and slavery” and needs to go.

“No, I agree, I think the flag is inescapably a symbol of human bondage and slavery, and particularly when people use it obviously for murder and to justify hated so vicious that you would kill somebody I think that that symbolism needs to end, and I think South Carolina is doing the right thing,” Paul told radio host Jeff Kuhner on WKRO radio on Tuesday morning.”

Paul added it was obviously a decision for South Carolina to make but said if he were in South Carolina he would vote to get rid of it. Paul said for every African-American the flag is a symbol of slavery and it was time to put in a museum.

“There have been people who have used it for southern pride and heritage and all of that but really to I think to every African-American in the country it’s a symbolism of slavery to them and now it’s a symbol of murder for this young man and so I think it’s time to put it in a museum.”

Kudos to Senator Paul for having the integrity to do the right thing. Political figures who step-up to the plate, especially republicans and southerners, and enunciate the truth further the national discussion on race and help to move the nation beyond an ugly part of it's past.

Via: Memeorandum

h/t: Progressive Eruptions


Mitch McConnell Wants to Remove Jefferson Davis Statue from Kentucky Capitol


Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today said that he favors the removal of the Confederate flag from some Tennessee specialty license plates. 


RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has ordered the Confederate flag removed from Virginia state license plates.


Alabama Gov. Bentley removes Confederate flags from Capitol grounds


  1. Yes, Rand showed leadership here. Wow! McConnell!

  2. Indeed Shaw. It is very gratifying to see. Late, but gratifying nonetheless.

  3. Still waiting for Hillary calling for its removal,although she did say removing it was not the solution

  4. Why Lisa, nice to see you. But I must say I'm a bit disappointed in you. You didn't provide that all important link to HRC's statement. You see here at Rational Nation USA we deal in reputable data.

    Thanks for stopping in, come by any time. We do enjoy a good chuckle now and again.

  5. She indirectly blamed him .

    1. Well Lisa, nice to see you again. How's FreeThinke? Give him my best.

      BTW, the post was about Rand Paul with three updates other prominent politicians doing the right thing. It does me heart especially good to see republicans finally doing the right thing for a change.

      Now, to that all important link to HRC's indirest blame statement. I'm sure you must have it.

  6. well she wants to be president and we still have yet to hear if she thinks the flag should be taken down. I guess we never will though since it might turn off her southern supporters being a native Arkansan.
    Just like Obama was asked if he agrees with the Bush Doctrine like Plain was by Gibson looking down his nose at her.
    Too bad you can't see the hypocrisy. Some ears have walls

  7. If she has it, it would be relevant.


    1. That she has it is a big if.

      That it would be relevant, even less likely.

    2. she dodged it. so, we know the answer now.

  8. I guess the quotation from HRC does not exist. Lisa said "well..." and changed the subject.

    1. "well" and changing the subject is the Stench Trench way. It has become very much in vogue in extreme rightwing weblogs.

      I see a mutual friend seems to be somewhat enamored of the Stench Trench "intrigue".

  9. oh? I can't imagine who. I haven't visited that pit for several months


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