Thursday, April 23, 2015

Steve King Again Showing His Radicalism...

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Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing his bill “Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act of 2015.” This bill strips federal courts of jurisdiction to hear cases related to marriage. The effect of the bill would prevent federal courts from hearing marriage cases, leaving the issue to the States where it properly belongs. […]

“My bill strips Article III courts of jurisdiction, and the Supreme Court of appellate jurisdiction, ‘to hear or decide any question pertaining to the interpretation of, or the validity under the Constitution of, any type of marriage.’”

As republican religionists continue to find creative ways to introduce legislation that is firmly rooted in their religious beliefs. One can't help but wonder how far off a Christian Theocracy might be. At times it seems republicans and Islamism have some things in common. They believe in the arraignment of Church and State methinks.



Whatever one thinks of marriage equality, court-stripping is itself ridiculous. The constitutional principles of “separation of powers” hasn’t disappeared just yet, so the idea that the legislative branch will dictate to the courts what kind of cases judges are allowed to hear is more than a little crazy – it undermines the very idea of an independent judiciary.

And it sure as heck isn’t “constitutional conservatism.” Indeed, it’s effectively the congressional version of “legislating from the bench” – King and his cohorts want to adjudicate from the legislature.


As a matter of history, Congress has never actually passed a court-stripping scheme – we can only speculate about the constitutional crisis it would invite – and even if the GOP-led House tried to pursue this idea in 2015, there’s simply no way it’d overcome a Democratic filibuster in the Senate or get President Obama’s signature.

But the fact that several members of Congress are pushing such a proposal – all while Ted Cruz expresses interest in the same idea – speaks to an ugly strain of radicalism among Republican lawmakers.

While this is being driven by those opposed to marriage equality the ramifications beyond that singular issue are significant. A radicalized party, gaining control of the house, senate, and presidency could very well transform America beyond recognition. At times that is precisely what it appears some of the wackos in the republican party are trying to accomplish right now.

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  1. Buried in this once again, is certain republicans beliefs that law should be adjudicated on a majority rules basis. Or as some might say, the "tyranny of the majority."

    The problem with this type of law making, is that those that typically support this style of government, only want it to be so when they agree with a favorable outcome.

    Steve King has said a potential ruling by the SCOTUS, could "usurp" the will of the people, as approval of gay marriage stands solidly about 50% in multiple polls. It is true that a decision in favor of gay marriage would usurp the will of some people here in the US, those who stand against marriage equality, but it is far from a majority.

    Since Jesse Helms, the GOP has been trying to blockSCOTUS from even ruling on case where they will likely face an adverse decision. King is just the latest in a long line of conservatives who struggle with change and empowerment of people who do not believe as they do.

  2. Non discriminatory and equal treatment under secular law (we are a nation of laws, not men or Gods) requires impartiality and the right of redress. Lacking that we might as well be a two bit banana republic ruled by a two bit dictator. I'm sure King and others in his circles would love the chance at the job under his/their rules and laws.

  3. Steve King is interested in something other than immigration?


    1. Jersey: I sometimes get him mixed up with Rep. Peter King, who is really awful too.

    2. And Jersey, if there is an area on immigration issues that I agree with Rep. Steve King on, I haven't found it yet. It might be there, but I would have to dig.

  4. Yeah, maybe he's eyeing the brass ring too. Greasing another big republican stronghold.


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