Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who Potential Republican 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Following...

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BloombergPolitics - This is Who Republican Presidential Contenders Follow on Twitter

Presidential candidates like to talk about leadership, but whom do they follow? Bloomberg Politics scoured the Twitter accounts of Republicans eyeing the White House for clues about their political influences, personal interests, and social media savvy.

Fifteen of seventeen (88%) potential 2016 republican presidential candidates are followers of Jim DeMint, the Godfather of the Tea Party or his Heritage Foundation.

One can be fairly certain followers of Jim DeMint and or the Heritage Foundation are looking out for the special interests yheyn are beholden to rather than the interest of typical hard working Americans of any political persuasion.

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Via: Memeorandum


  1. Is there any presidential candidates who are looking out for the interests of typical hard working Americans? I am sure they all say they are, BUT...

  2. Yes Jerry, and that applies to both sides of the great political divide.

    No one is really looking out for the fiscal and social health of the republic. They all say they are but basically kt is rubbish.


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