Monday, March 23, 2015

Building the American Empire...

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"There is overwhelming support in our conference for providing additional resources to protect our national security," House Speaker John Boehner declared at his weekly press conference last week, and with that the gauntlet was thrown down.

There will be a vote in the House, just has there have now been votes in the Senate, that are going to separate the GOP into the heirs of Ronald Reagan and his "peace through strength" beliefs and the hangers-on who have never understood that all they prize in terms of liberty, small government and federalism depends first and foremost on an American military that is not only larger than any other two, or five or ten combined next largest militaries, but one equal to the unique and essential task of bringing order to a chaotic and increasingly out-of-control world. Emphasis mine

Small government grinds who point to stupid expenditures in the Pentagon in the tens of millions of dollars betray a fundamental, indeed disqualifying myopia about a budget of more than $600 billion yet still less than 3 percent of the nation's GDP. Without the military and its vast budget there is no America for long. It will be attacked. It will be humbled. Americans will die in great numbers.

There you have it folks. Republicans and neo conservatives eschewing the virtues of EMPIRE. Our republic will, in time, collapse from it's own weight and hunger for domination should it follow this line of reasoning to its natural conclusion. History repeats.


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  1. Maybe they will sequester themselves? Then blame Obama?

  2. Nothing wrong as such with a more powerful than those who would destroy us, but yes the part about the mission to bring order to the world does look like a global empire.

  3. Strong defense to respond to unprovoked acts of agression against our nation and its people.

    Those with the mentality demonstrated the article
    have unlimited power and control in mind.

    Dangerous at best catastrophic at its worst.

  4. We're already allowed the military to grow beyond any control. I'm afraid we'll be broke and ruined, and run by a junta, before we ever wake up to that.


  5. I fear you may be correct Jersey. But common sense, rational considerations, and the responsible behaviors to implement them just doesn't pass muster with the fear fringe and the MIC.

  6. To win back some of my tax money, I decided to become an arms supplier. Since severed tentacles regenerate, it's really no big sacrifice. Testicles ... well, that's another matter.


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