Friday, March 13, 2015

47 American Inbeciles Part #4...

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“What Senator Cotton did is a gross breach of discipline, and especially as a veteran of the Army, he should know better. I have no issue with Senator Cotton, or others, voicing their opinion in opposition to any deal to halt Iran’s nuclear progress. Speaking out on these issues is clearly part of his job. But to directly engage a foreign entity, in this way, undermining the strategy and work of our diplomats and our Commander in Chief, strains the very discipline and structure that our foreign relations depend on, to succeed. The breach of discipline is extremely dangerous, because undermining our diplomatic efforts, at this moment, brings us another step closer to a very costly and perilous war with Iran.

I think Senator Cotton recognizes this, and he simply does not care. That’s what disappoints me the most."

Major Gen. Paul D. Eaton
, as quoted in The Washington Post.

What will it take for the Tea Party and neo-cons to understand the above? Something that patriot and rational Americans understand without even breaking an intellectual sweat.

Is it any wonder why so many are beginning to question the motives and sanity of a group of lawmakers that would cast their nation's credibility and trustworthiness aside for the sake of ideology, and to undermine the elected President of this nation and his diplomatic efforts? The action of the 47 Senators who broke with over 200 years of diplomatic tradition and protocol goes beyond the pale.

(O)CT(O)PUS, writing in The Swash Zone puts additional focus on the unpatriotic actions of the renegade band of 47 "senators".

In this debate, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. In a single ‘Dear Tehran’ letter, the GOP shredded the Constitution and upended American diplomacy. From this day forward, our nation will no longer be considered a trustworthy partner in world affairs. Every international accord may be held in doubt – held hostage to the whims and caprices of partisan politics. Shall we dismantle NATO? Nullify the non-nuclear proliferation treaty? Scuttle all trade agreements? The fallout is already clear: Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany described the letter as “not very helpful.” Having been burned by American duplicity in the past, the Supreme Leader of our implacable adversary has concerns: "Of course I am worried, because the other side is known for … backstabbing" (source).

Backstabbing, indeed! Republicans have been backstabbing the American public for a very long time - holding us hostage to partisan ambitions with deception, defamation, demagoguery, legislative trickery and treachery, and blackmail. The government shutdown of 2013 compromised the creditworthiness of the nation. In failing to fully fund Homeland Security, the GOP left us vulnerable to terrorism. In state legislatures across the land, the GOP has passed bills to:

•Limit the voting rights of citizens (along party lines);
•Allow religious denominations to impose their teachings and taboos upon the general population;
•Consign citizens to underclass status based on religious belief;
•Assert the sovereign right of states to violate human rights.

Of all enemies, foreign or domestic, today’s Republican Party is by far the more dangerous of the two. As a result, we are less safe and less free. In a landmark essay originally published in 2011, former Republican staffer Mike Lofgren exposes the hidden agenda of his party:

“It should have been evident to clear-eyed observers that the Republican Party is becoming less and less like a traditional political party in a representative democracy and becoming more like an apocalyptic cult, or one of the intensely ideological authoritarian parties of 20th century Europe …

If Republicans have perfected a new form of politics that is successful electorally at the same time that it unleashes major policy disasters, it means twilight both for the democratic process and America’s status as the world’s leading power. More BELOW THE FOLD

It is becoming apparent the greatest threat to our liberties and freedoms may very well come from within.


  1. Didn't Abe Lincoln say that our country will never be conquered except from within? He had some experience.

    Remember the Cuban Missile crisis? Of course the joint chiefs had their opinions, and congress had all sorts of opinions, but can you imagine if congress or any other government agency wrote to the USSR saying you can't trust the President and we do not support him? There would have been firing squads, but today? Nobody seems to care. How can we survive when we care more about football and the ass wiggling of celebrities than about congress grossly overstepping its authority while lying like the bastards they are about the president overstepping his powers by doing just what he's authorized to do and responsible to do?

    We can't and this will either become a very different nation very soon - one without allies and a lot of bombs trying to scare the world into obeying us. I could not agree more with you and with the Octopus. What's left of the GOP is attacking the foundations of our country while pretending to support them and not since 1861 have we had a more dangerous enemy.

  2. Well said, Capt. Fogg. I'm aghast at what I've read on various far right blogs. They have absolutely no sense of what the 47 did. They've come up with a "They Did It Too" counter argument without realizing how absurd that is. The far right is so invested in Obama Derangement Syndrome that they don't see sedition's ugly face looking at them in their mirrors.


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